Monday, February 12, 2007

Birthday and milestones

Joshua is 8 months!
Seriously, I am so proud of me. I have posted every month on his milestones and he is my 5th child. I am so good. Hahaha!
*He just got his second tooth in today. Two little teeth on the bottom and he does use them to bite. The kids will tell you that.
*As soon as he wakes up from his nap I will weigh him and measure his height. Ok 29 inches and 24 lbs. His weight has really slowed down since he started to crawl.
*He has discovered that he can crawl all over the house. I went outside to get something from the car and when I came back in he had crawled from the back room to the front room and was crying. It was like he was saying, "Where did you go?" Very cute to all of us.
*When he first wakes up for the morning or from a nap he is super cuddles. Most of my babies at this age are so active they don't have time for squishes. It is nice that he likes it.

We celebrated Joseph's 3rd b-day on Thursday. I had planned a curious George party and two days before he tells me, "no George cake, tiger cake." I was thinking, "No I already have it all planned in my head. I found the cutest cake and everything." Hear is a pic of the cake. But two days later and Joseph still says, "Tiger cake!"
I brought stuff for the kids to make their own pizza's. I think they liked it.

The kids played animal charades and it was cute to watch. Joseph was really the only one not interested in acting out an animal but the other kids were great. I love how into it they all got.
With all the excitement over a tiger cake and I forgot to take a picture of it. This picture is funny. We were trying to get a picture of him blowing out the candles but we were to slow so this is a mock one. Can you tell by his look, "What are you doing mom?"And here is a favorite. When he went to bed that night he set up a little bed next to his for George. He even had a pillow.
And here is Jared with his nice new haircut. I love the long hair but he looks so handsome with his hair cut short.

Little kid notes:
When Emma doesn't want to clean her room she says,"It's a pig style. I can't clean that!"
Jared just asked me if he could write a book report. Are you for real?

Emma has been having a hard time sleeping lately. Sarah will sneak into her room and read her a story to help comfort her. I love that they get along so well.

I think we have mellowed out a lot. Joseph was screaming his head off the other day and we, Ryan and I, just laughed. We now understand that kids through major fits and they always get over it and they get over it quicker if you stay calm.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A New Tooth, a bike ride, and other Chapman facts

Joshua got a tooth. It broke through yesterday. I was surprised to see it because it seems like our kids usually take a little longer. Joshua is gabbing a ton now his words include "ahh" "Babab" "dadad" "mama" "yaaa"

Joseph talks so much now and it is much easier to understand what he is saying. Some of my favorite Josephisms:
"Please don't"
"Scuse me"
Joseph will tell us what Joshua says. "Joshua says bababab" It is endearing.
Joseph loves to tackle and wrestle his brothers and sisters. Tonight he was pretending to be a lion, "I eat Sarah" He was growling as he crawled towards her.

I feel like I am finally getting the swing of things with homeschooling. I finally can do my own thing and feel very confident that they are learning and learning well. We have been studying astronomy. I am enjoying it as much as the kids. I think that home schooling has taught me so much. We went to a science fair the other week and came home with this fun experiment.
For some reason Mentos will completely take out the carbonation in Diet coke.

Emma has become quite the singer. She doesn't know the words to songs so she makes up her own. They are always very positive and a lot of time they are about Jesus. Emma loves to quote movies. They watched Barnyard the other day and she was caught saying, "Dude, I got an arm! Righteous! doodaleedoo doodaleedoo.(while twiddling fingers)"

Sarah learned how to ride a bike while at Grandma's about a month ago. She just picked up the bike and did it. I looked out the window and she was riding by. I was so unsure of how to teach Jared how to ride a bike that I have been slow to teach her.

Jared is loving scouts. On Friday they talked about animals and got to hold a few. He come home telling me all the interesting facts I never wanted to know about animals. Like the fact the geckos eat the skin they shed. How gross is that. I am content with our dragon. The missionaries came over last night and one of them wanted to hold him. I forget that these missionaries are still young boys at heart.