Monday, October 29, 2007

Creating a business???

I absolutely love making Christmas cards and baby announcements. I thought that maybe I could start making them for people if their is an interest. I don't really know how much to charge to make it worth it. And I am not sure how to get the word out... any ideas? I also love taking pictures so I thought I could take family pictures for Christmas. I would charge a small fee, because I am an amateur. And the fee would be refundable if they were not satisfied.
I was hoping that I could make some money for Christmas.

Friday, October 26, 2007

All is well.

I needed to post a quick update. All of my family are back in their homes and the fires are finally starting to tone down. I am very excited for the air to clear up so the kids can again enjoy the outdoors. They are starting to drive each other crazy. I am grateful that we are used to spending all day together other wise I think things would be so much worse. And we have a daily routine that is mostly unaltered by the horrible air conditions.

I am on another crafty kick. I am helping my SIL's Mom. She is in charge of her Super Saturday for her church (big craft day) The class I am teaching is the family tree I made for my MIL for Mothers day. With 37 members in her family her tree is way out of scale. Now I have an excuse to make a small one of my family. I will post a picture once I get it done.

Yesterday I had an impromptu photo shot of my nephew Brody. So last night I put together a baby announcement. I posted it on my photo blog.

I have been meaning to do some fun stuff with my blog. After a horrible failed attempt Ryan helped me put together what you now see. I was rather impressed with him.

I have another new baby nephew Torch. I haven't been able to see him much because I have not been feeling well. I did see him for a second on Saturday and he is so adorable. Tons of black hair and petite little features. So precious. I will take some pictures of him soon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire info.

For the latest map click below
Fire Map

The fires are so very near our house but not so near that we have to leave. The air is filled with smoke and the ground has ash all over it. This picture is from our driveway. Since we don't have cable I didn't even realize their were major fires until Monday. You could smell it on Sunday but I didn't know what that was about. Three of Ryan's siblings, Kyle and Amy, Hope and Travis, and Sean and Allie, were evacuated from there homes. Sean and Allie's home was miraculously saved. The fires came all around there house but did not burn it. They are right by the wild animal park with nothing around them. What a blessing. I was most worried about them. Hope has returned to her house tonight but has to stay on watch. One of Ryan's brothers friend and family stayed at their house and fought off the fire. There house was the only on remaining.

We have thought a lot about what we would take with us. The computer, (it has all my pictures), important docs, and my boxes of photo albums. If I had more time I would take all my clothes, dirty or clean and that is about it. Everything else is unimportant.

This is all so crazy. We have not lived in So Cal when the fires were bad. We could smell it in the air Utah but never saw it so up close before. I remember when I was young and there were fires in Irvine. My Dad drove us to see the fires coming up over the mountain. I remember being so entranced at the sight.
Ryan took this picture tonight. The red glow has been hovering over us. Very eerie.

I find it so amazing that in times of trials like this people step up. In our church they were asking if anyone had room in their home for evacuees. I didn't get the message right away but as soon as I did I let them know we had a room we could spare. The awesome part was that so many people stepped up they didn't need it anymore. Then I got word that they needed people to help serve food at the church. Again as soon as I replied enough people had already stepped up. I told the lady in charge that I could help in any way when the need arose. They have moved evacuees and now the National Guard is using the building for R & R. When I got the email that they needed snacks for the men I jumped on it. So... instead of making dinner tonight I made several dozen pumpkin spice cookies and bought a bunch of individual bags of chips. Thats what I could do to help. It is a small thing but I was so glad I could do something. An added blessing, these cookies smell so good when they are cooking. The recipe is so simple, my sister gave it to me. one package of spice cake mix, one small can of pumpkin , and a bag of chocolate chips. Cook for 12 minutes at 350. And you have instant pumpkin spice smell in your whole house! Everyone I have talked to has said how crazy their children have been. I think it is being shut up in the house, feeling parents nervousness or apprehension, and then most kids are of school

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a great evening. We had dinner with the bishop, his wonderful wife Michelle, and family. She is one of those people you love the minute you meet her. I felt so comfortable talking to her and just felt like I could tell her anything and it would be safe with her. We made doughnuts and my kids loved it! I never new making donuts was so easy. We will defiantly have to have them over to our house for games or something fun. On the way home Emma told us Tanner (there 11 year old) is her best friend.

(This next part is about my health so you might want to skip to the pictures)
I have exciting news... well exciting to me. I met with Dr G. on Friday and he is pretty sure I have what is called leaky gut syndrome. When I got home I looked up on line and I was shocked to see how many of my symptoms are caused by this. He is very optimistic that in a few months I will be able to eat normal and have energy again.
"When partially digested food, toxins, and bacteria pass through the small intestine and enter the bloodstream, this is referred to as a condition known as leaky gut syndrome, or LGS. In simple terms, large spaces occur in between the cells that compose the wall of the gut. Since these spaces exist in the gut wall, bacteria, toxins, and food can find their way into the bloodstream. When the gut wall or intestinal lining is damaged due to leaky gut syndrome, damaged cells called microvilli become unable to do their job properly. Therefore, they can't manufacture the enzymes that are vital to good digestion. So, digestion is impaired, absorption of nutrients is effected, and damaging substances are able to invade the bloodstream. How does the body respond to the “foreign invaders” that have entered the bloodstream? It responds with inflammation, allergic reactions, and other unpleasant symptoms."

When I eat my body does not pull the nutrients it needs from my food before it passes through these holes. That is why I feel tired and have low energy. Because of this my body is not able to fight of sicknesses as well and I get every sickness that passes our way. There were a lot of symptoms I am having that I have just gotten used to but that I am now hopeful with clear up and go away once I am better.

I have come down with a horrible migraine this last week and that was the final push I needed to go see the Dr. It is such a blessing. I never thought I would say my migraine was a blessing. Now that I know what it is I am dealing with I can take action to get better. I can feel normal again. Stress plays a big part to the flare ups so it only makes sense that I have felt much worse since Joshua's hospital stay. I have been so frustrated with my lack of energy and over all difficulty getting things done. But now I feel so excited and at peace. I am finally going to feel like myself again!!!
Some fun pictures to leave you with and I do have much more to come but it is late and I am tired!

We took a family/school field trip to Bates Nut Farm on Wednesday
My kids really are the cutest. They are aware of my new desire to take great pictures and they let me know what would be a good photo op.
You may be wondering what this picture is??? I cut the end off of Joshua's Binky. I decided it was time to part with the little sucker. It really hasn't been to traumatic. He didn't have naps for a few days but we are past that now.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We got to go to Sea World today. We needed some good family time and it was so perfect. We got there in time for the last dolphin show of the day. The kids and I have seen this show a handful of times so they know exactly how it goes. There is a child and her dad and pretend mom who really is part of the show. The mom falls in and swims with the dolphins and the audience gasps until they realize she is surfing on the backs of the dolphins. Emma is my biggest fan of the dolphins and whales. She has said she wants to be a trainer some day. Whenever we go see this show I think of how nice it would be for her to be picked but we have never gone with Ryan. So on the way to the show I realize this and start to rush over to the show in hopes that Emma can be picked. We sat down and shortly after a man comes up to Emma and asks if she wants to pet a dolphin. Um.. Yeah! The kids all new what was coming and they were so excited for her. "Look there's her friend mom" Sorry about the shaking. I was holding Joshua and he kept grabbing the camera. I wish I had a better shot.

Here is the cute family with new mom Heather.

It was a real bonding experience for Ryan and Emma.
She said the dolphin felt rubbery and Ryan said the whale felt smooth. It was neat to watch Emma have this experience. She said this was the best Sea World trip ever. What a sweet little girl she is. Sometimes I worry that she gets lost in the busyness of a large family. She doesn't demand attention like some of the other kids. I have a make a very conscious effort to give her the love I feel for her.

We didn't stay to long so we were all still in great modes. We decided to go to Islands for dinner. It was one of those laugh or cry moments. The waiter was having a bad night or something. First off as he is putting or drinks down Joshua grabs Ryan's water and manages to get it all over my seat and feet and partly on my lap. Ok, we all laughed. Then Jared gets distracted and knocks his soda ... all over my feet. Really? Still we laugh and try to stay light. A couple comes and sits close by our booth then asks to move because Joshua is in one of his screaming modes because he is over hungry and getting tired. Then two different couple sit close by us, get their food, and are done before our food comes. We are trying so hard to entertain Joshua so as to avoid the screaming. I think we entertained ourselves more. We put salt on his hand and a little bit of water and laughed as he tried to pick it up with the other hand. Then when he got tired of that we moved to sugar. I was tempted to try the ketchup but thought twice about that one. Our food comes right when we are considering leaving because it is really taking that long. But what is this... Where is my food? Yeah it is not ready yet... but I am not super bugged yet because at least the kids are eating and Joshua is no longer screaming. Ryan is done with his food when they bring out my salad. Oh wait that is not what I ordered. With my food aversions I can''t eat meat or cheese. I had asked for the cheese on the side and on the menu it said you have to ask for chicken if you want it so I am not so sure why my salad has chicken. Now I am bugged, trying not to be, but I am. I look at him and while he is saying he is sorry it took him so long I am asking him to take it back because it is not what I asked for. The guy felt really bad and he could tell that was the final straw for me. So he returns with the salad I ordered in record time and I was so icy cold to him (I see now the error of my ways) He comes back to say sorry again and ask if we are doing OK and I must have said something like "Um yeah" In a nice sarcastic tone. I am not usually grumpy like this. He took the salad of our bill and gave the kids all sundaes. At this point I feel really bad for being a jerk, (I don't think I was really a jerk but the thoughts in my head were jerky) I tell him it was fine and we appreciated the sundaes. My kids were happy I got free food and we made it out of there in one piece. The little kids feel asleep right away and we enjoyed the ending of a great day.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I loved conference. Every 6 months leaders of our chirch speak to us as a whole. I look forward to this time. There was so much that touched me and I will hold on to for along time. The talk that meant the most to me, that filled me with what I need to do, that gave me hope for joy and peace, was Elder Eryings. It seemed as though God turned on a light bulb when he spoke. It was as if I was being told that if I can more fully do what he suggested I would find joy I never thought possible.

My notes:
He would take time every day to write in his journal. What touched me strongly was this question he would ask himself at the end of the day,
"Have I seen the Hand of God reaching out to touch us today?"

He stated that, "Trying to remember allowed God to show me what he had done."

-As consequence of looking for evidence of the hand of God...
*Testimony grew
*More certainty that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayer
*More Gratitude for the Softening and refining that come because the atonement of Savior
*More confident that the Holy Ghost can bring all things to our remembrance even things we did not notice or pay attention to when they happened.

Remember and recognize Gods Kindness

The power to remember God will be increased

Did God send a message that was just for me? Have I seen the Hand of God reaching out to touch us today?

"Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." That scripture took on new meaning. If I take time out of each day to remember how God has influenced my life he will show unto me things I had not previously noticed or been aware of. I will find greater happiness because I am seek to see my blessings.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Delighted photography

I started a new blog for my pictures I take for other people. I really enjoy taking pictures and I hope that I can some day get good enough to have a clientèle. For now I just enjoy taking pictures of my family and extended family. My Blog is

I took school pictures of my family on Thursday. I posted them on the other blog. I really want feedback. I can't make that decision on my own.

Other big news, I chopped all of my hair of and it is now shorter than it has been since I was 5. It was one of those spur of the moment things and I am still not sure if I like it. But it is done and it is what it is. Sometimes I look at it and I love it, other times I look at it and just shrug. I was in need of a change. I did cut of almost a foot and I am going to be able to donate it to locks of love so that is good!
Not the best picture but it gives you the idea.

Monday, October 01, 2007

What a great day. I woke up early and had every intention of going running. As I was walked towards the door to leave I felt like I should stay. Not knowing why I went to my study chair and started of with a prayer and some wonderful studying. I was blessed to be given this small book called Quiet Moments by Patricia Holland. It touched my soul so deeply and I remember how much I love to study the word of God early in the morning before the house has risen. Their are seasons in my life where I am better at taking time to read and study scripture and times when I have not been so good. I notice that when I take that time, even if I don't feel like I have it, my day goes smoother and I have an inner peace that lasts.

(I must make a side note at this point. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I get mad at my kids and husband. My house gets messy and sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed. But I do keep going and I do keep trying.) I make that side note because I realize I only include the good in this blog. That is why I write it. It forces me to take time to notice how blessed I am. To look for cute things my kids say and do that I may more fully love them. To notice the wonderfulness of my husband that I may more fully love him. To look at the every day miracles in my life and show gratitude to my Father above for them.

Back from my randomness... Because I started my day so great everything has gone so smoothly. I had my meeting with the kids teacher and I am such a proud mom! So if you do not want to hear my bragging skip this paragraph, but especially for my parents I include the following info. The kids took a test called MAPS. It compares them with kids in the area and is meant to let me know their strengths and weaknesses. Jared, in the 4th grade, tested above middle fifth grade in Math and Language Usage (grammar, spelling, writing) and 7th grade in reading. Sarah in 2nd grade, tested 4th grade in Math, 6th grade for Reading and middle 6th grade for Language Usage. She is considered a gifted 3rd grader. This is why I home school. I want to help them in the areas that God has blessed them that they may be all that God has in store for them. The teacher was also impressed with Emma. She kept saying, "What kindergartener knows that?" Emma was nervous before her meeting. She said, "What if I don't remember anything?"

A few funny things my kids say.
At church yesterday we Joseph and I were walking the halls with the baby. behind a curtain we heard a man talking. Joseph looked at me with surprise and said, "who buddy?"
With a laugh I said "what?"
Again "Who buddy is that?"
Then I got it, somebody, anybody, nobody, and whobody. Makes sense to me.

When Emma is reading new words she likes to put them in a sentence. So the other day she read out. Then with a big smile and in a sassy tone says, "Rock the show out!" Where do they come up with these things?

I almost forgot to mention.... the best news of all.... We finally got rid of our "kitty" It really is a guinea pig but it has long hair and looks like a cat. It had to live in the garage because their was no where else to put her and I felt very guilty leaving her out their. My SIL Hope wanted it for her son so I happily passed it along. Emma was sad but loves that she went to family so that we may still go visit.

And here are some pictures I took over the weekend. We have the funnest park near the kids school with great photo op's.

I loved this one of Jared.
When you gotta go you gotta go.

Jared being 9Sarah posed herself for this one
She looks so grown up.
The only decent picture I could get of him. He was all over the place.
How do I ever say no to this face?

One last thing. For family night tonight we talked about Uncle Kent, death, and the resurrection. Emma was especially sad as this is the first time death has been a reality to her. As we talked about Uncle Kent and how we should be happy for him since he is now free of pain and free from the bonds his body kept him in, he was a paraplegic with limited use of his head and one arm. Emma sat in my lap and cried. She said she missed him. Sarah turned to Emma and with tears in her eyes said,"Emma, in church I learned about the second coming and when Jesus comes again those people who died will come with him." She wanted to assure Emma that we would see Uncle Kent again. Emma realized Aunt Chris must also be feeling lonely so we should pray for her to not be so lonely. Emma said the prayer as Sarah rubbed her leg. I am grateful my children feel close with each other that they can love freely. And that they can teach me how to comfort those in need.