Sunday, July 29, 2007

This is why My blog is called "Random samplings of my delightful life"

...Beacuse this post is a bunch of random thoughts that happen inside my head.

I just need to take a minute to blog. My life is upside down. We moved in yesterday and everything did not fit into the truck. We shared the truck with Trent and Sarah (We moved into there house and they moved all there stuff to there new house.) By the time we got the first load emptied it was time to take the truck back. They already had it assigned to someone else so we had to rent a second truck. I have decided that I hate moving! Yes I am that passionate about it and I will say it again. I hate moving. I thought I had dejunked really well but no and now it is time to purge my whole house. I am sure it will feel great to get rid of even more stuff.

As far as the new house it is great. We have down sized. The house we were renting was to big. It felt like the kids disappeared in it. This house will be great for us while we are here. I have given up guessing when our house will be built. So for the time being I am simply going to get super organized so that the next move will go more smoothly. I am going to be getting rid of what I can not store on the shelves in the garage which should only be tools, memorabilia, and Christmas stuff.

Ryan's Grandpa has been diagnosed with colon cancer and they have said there is nothing they can do for him and so they sent him home. He has kept his sense of humor and Grandma was saying they will just party until it's his time. My grandpa's have both been gone for along time. I have always looked to Grandpa Chapman as my own Grandpa. I feel very tender feelings towards him.

Tonight we had the July b-day party at my MIL's It felt good to step away from the stress of moving and visit. My MIL is going in for surgery on Tuesday to remove the cancer she has in her ear. She asked if the priesthood holders would give her a blessing. Since Papa John's baptism he has not participated in a blessing. Tears streamed down my face as I heard him. He was so touched to be able to serve in this manner and to hold this sacred power. It was very humbling.

Trent and Sarah gave spiritual thoughts. I was so touched by Sarah. She sang for us and then shared with us that she had a miscarriage this past week. As if moving is not stressful enough. I just listened to her and cried. I remember laying in my bed and crying when I had my miscarriage. You feel numb at first and then just sad. We did not live by family and I felt very alone. My mom and Amy were very sympathetic and seemed to know what the best things to say or not say were. You are just so ready to have that baby be part of your life that it is hard to face that for whatever reason now is not the best timing. Through it I learned to trust in My God. To learn that he knows all things including my sorrow. I felt that deeply as I went through that. I cherished my pregnancy with Joshua so much more. Once I saw his heart beat it took on new meaning. Then when I had the ultrasound and saw that he was healthy I rejoiced in a way I did not do with the other children. When you feel the baby's first movements you take it as a sign of strength and health. Near the end I was so anxious to hold him that I cherished even more the sweet sounds of his cry. I could not have understood when I had the miscarriage all the good I would learn from it. What a valuable lesson for me to reflect on. Life has seemed very hard the past few weeks. Just a lot of stuff I am not sure how to process. When I can think of how aware Heavenly Father is of me. When I can think that he knows how overwhelmed I feel and yet He has my greater good in mind. He has lessons he wants me to learn. He has greatness He is trying to develop in me if I will but turn to him and learn all that He desires for me.
I have been reading in Luke the past couple of weeks. Something that caught my attention this time was Peter and his denial of knowing Christ. People could easily wonder and be in awe at his denial. "How could he have done such a thing when he walked with the Savior" and yet he did. I then thought of my life and the times I feel fear and stress. When I try to walk alone and fail miserably. When I do not allow the Atonement to lift me and I do not turn to My God in prayer. How is this any different then what Peter did? I deny what He has done for me and thus do not acknowledge that I know him. But as Peter did I too can pick myself up and move forward. I can gain a greater resolve to follow after Christ and live as He did. I am so grateful for the scriptures and all that we learn from them.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Aerospace Museum

We have been studying space the past few months. We had a blast visiting this museum. Who said learning can't be fun.

Joshua is a walker

Last Saturday Joshua decided he could walk and he has not stopped yet.

He was so cute. When he would fall down he would throw himself on the ground and do a happy dance.

Joshua gets super excited like this a lot. He is a super happy kid!

Erynne as Soaring Red Dove

Erynne spent six weeks in the wilderness being learning to be one with nature. She had to start her own fires and cook all her own food. The hiked about 20 miles a week in the hot Arizona sun. We all envy her as she got a chance to become one with God and his creations. She learned so much and I think she will value this experience for the rest of her life.
Here is Grandpa trying to start a fire.

Ane here is Erynne showing us how it is done.

And now she took the fire outside because as Reeghan says, "Fires don't belong inside"

Thursday, July 19, 2007


...this blog post is not for the weak at heart.

So we are in the middle of moving and my three year old has decided to assert his independence in a very real and noticeable way.

On Sunday after Josephs nap he went into his closet to "take care of business" He went both pee and poop. I was kind of shocked and didn't know what to do... so I did nothing. Well we explained to him that we only go in the bathroom. He seemed like he understood. You have to understand that he has been potty trained for some time now so this is really out of the blue. Then that night we had friends over and he went and peed on the floor in the piano room. What? We laughed. What else can you do.

Ryan has been working really hard to get a web site done for some highly challenging customers. He had a deadline and stayed up till 5 in the morning. So when I got up with the kids I was treated to find that Joseph had pooped on the floor in the piano room, again. But this time he decided to use Jared's brand new piano books as his toilet. The odd thing? The piano books were put away. He grabbed the only two new books out of the twenty or so that we have. It appears that he realized he had made a mess and tried to clean it up himself. So it was smeared all over the carpet. I do not usually clean up this kind of mess. I am blessed with a husband who is an expert in getting stains out of things so when throw up or anything like this happens I step aside and let him at it. No way was I going to wake him up so I did it. Joseph and I had a big talk. I made him sit with me and watch me clean it up hoping he would see this was not pleasant and not do it again.

I wish this were the end of my story. I put Joshua down for a nap earlier in the week. Joseph goes missing about 30 minutes later. I hear him laughing and he is in Joshua's crib with him. I then spot fish food all over the carpet. Not only did he get into the dry fish food but he was playing with water also so it was all smeared into the carpet. He then got into lipstick and had fun with that. He opened up a vitamin and stained the carpet yellow.

We are moving next Saturday and it is almost humorous that all this would happen now.

After all of this had happened this week the last draw was simply that he put a hole in the most expensive door in the house. He had tied an exercises jump rope to the door handle (it is rubber and stretches) He then pulled the other end and when the handle snapped back it put a hole in the door. I am documenting all of this because I know that all women can find humor in my story. We all have days and weeks like this. I managed to keep my cool through out all of this. I recognize that God is with me in my most stressing times. I was reading in Luke 12 how our Father is so aware of us and our struggles. Consider the lilies of the field.