Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wow what a week.

My wonderful nephew got his mission call after waiting what felt like forever and he is going to South Dakota. Brr right? I'm sure he will do great and I am very excited for him. On Tuesday he went to the temple for the first time and we were so blessed to be there. It had been a little while since the last time we were able to enjoy the blessings of peace that come from being in the house of the Lord. I am already looking forward to the time we can go again. We made a quick trip up to Vegas. Up one day and back the next.

It was so good to see my family and I wish I got to see them more often. When we got home it was bedtime for the kids. We said prayers together then Joshua ran off because he didn't want to go to bed. Little did I know he would really get his wish. He jumped off the girls bunk bed into the cubby part that is under the bed. I didn't see it happened but I heard him cry. Ryan was right there and quickly took him to the kitchen. I was nursing the baby and I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. He didn't seem to be crying more then usual. Then I saw the blood and asked Ryan if he needed stitches not really thinking it was going to come to that. But his quick reply assured me otherwise.

After trying 2 different urgent cares we ended up at a very busy hospital. (Wouldn't you think a children's urgent care would do stitches?) After waiting about 4 hours they put us on a bed in the hall. Josh had fallen asleep by this time. I laid their with him and listened to all of the people and goings on around me. One lady had a horrible reaction to a spider bite then was having a reaction to the anti-venom. There was a man having heart problems. A women had sliced her arm so bad she was sobbing on and off (she looked pretty bad) and I had cause to reflect upon the last time we were in the same hospital when Joshua poked a pencil in his eye. I felt so blessed. 6 stitches seemed like such a minor thing. I knew my Josh would bounce right back as though nothing had happened. In fact he had a hard time understanding why he could not play outside the very next day.

My life is so very good. I allow the stresses to get to me sometimes but I do try to see how much I have been given and oft times I have no idea why I have been blessed beyond that which I deserve. Like today for example. I was called to serve as the new laurel adviser (teaching the 16-18 year old girls in my church.) I LOVE working with the youth. The are so amazing to me. They have to stand much stronger then I did. They are hit on all sides and are expected to be of the world. Words are escaping me but what I am trying to say is that I feel honored to serve these wonderfully amazing girls.

My SIL Lindsay is getting married and I have had a lot of fun helping her plan. I decided that when I grow up it would be so fun to be a wedding planner. I do understand that my "when I grow up" list is rather large. I got to take their engagement pictures and that was fun. I got to try some new styles I have been wanting to play with and they were so good to do whatever I asked. Plus I get to make the wedding cake and I have helped with the invites. Lots of fun. I hope by the time my kids get married I will be a pro. With a family this large having wedding skills is rather helpful. That is why I want to learn so much more!

Yesterday was the annual Church women's broadcast. It was so much of what I needed. I came away with an amazing sense of peace and calm. I can overcome my personal imperfections. I can be more then I have been. What impressed me the most was the feeling that I need to treat those around me with greater charity and love. And that as I focus on loving more fully and finding fault less frequently I will be filled with happiness I have never known. What an amazing feeling of hope and excitement.

Here is to an exciting and adventuresome week that I am sure will not disappoint.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Sweet Sweet Baby

I found this sweet picture of Emma tonight. This was 2 years ago when she had just started kindergarten. I can't believe how much she has grown. She is my silly, happy, loving, hugs and kisses, hurry and get it done so we can play Girl. She loves life and she helps me to remember to love with my heart and worry less.

Emmy or Emma or EmmaLee is so smart and her school work comes easily to her. She is becoming a really good reader and I love when she wants to read to me our to the boys. She loves Sarah to bits and is so sad when they fight. She wants to make every one happy and she loves when she can make you smile. Emma is a friend to any and everyone.

She has also discovered that she can sing and we all love Emma originals. She will be starting piano next week and I am excited to see her flourish.

Tomorrow I get to take her out on a date. It's been a long time since we have had some good one on one time and I will cherish it. I love you little girl!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Just in case anyone is interested

I thought I would share what kind of a crazy day I have had. Don't get me wrong I have lots of days that go smoothly. The kind of day where when you go to bed you feel like a great mom and you did everything right even if/when no one else does. Today was not one of those days.

I slept horrible because a.Ryan's out of town b.It was simply way to hot and I don't like the heat. I was woken up rather early and I think I woke up with a little devil on my shoulder. I was feeling a little cross to start. The kids decided to slowly work at getting ready for the day. We have a good schedule of jobs, shower, breakfast, scriptures and prayer, then school. We usually start school by 9. I was pushing my children to get stuff done when they normally are pretty self motivated. I hate nagging and this morning was full of it.

About 10 they finally have eaten and showered and are starting school. I'm starving and decide that I am going to treat myself to a Jamba Juice. Side note: I love their oatmeal. I just don't know how to make it that good. Ryan can but he is not here. I decide that Jared is 11 now and pretty responsible, lets see how he does watching the kids. I took the 3 little boys so it was just Emma and Sarah for him to watch. I was gone a very short time.

When I get home Jared and Emma were both in a frenzy. Jared said something mean, Emma cried and wanted to call me. He wouldn't let her so she decided to run away. He had to stop her and did it not in the nicest way. (I gave them strict rules to lock the door and not open it for any reason. So when I find out she ran down the street and around the corner I was a little frustrated.) He felt the need to put her in a head lock to get her home. Boy I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw that one.

The two of them were at each others throats the entire day. A lot of teasing, pushing and crying. Then to top it off Jared and Emma both had challenging school days. Emma has not been finishing her math every day and she is now behind. Jared is frustrated with his new math program and was telling me how much he hates school. I have been contemplating what I can do different and right now I don't have the answer. I even called the school to see if they had space in the track that goes to school more often. No such luck.

The baby must have sensed the tension in the house because he needed to be held all day long and he is stopped up from something we feed him.

Joshua had around 10 accidents today. And of course one of the times it was on my brand new couch and not a small amount. By nap time I was ready to run away and I actually spent some time looking onexpedia to see if there were flights to... anywhere. I thought that when Ryan got back I would escape. That's not till Saturday and I probably won't do it but dreaming helped.

I had to get a baby sitter to take Joseph to his first day of music class which he refused to participate in. Got the kids feed and put to bed while Sarah finished up the dishes. As she was done a cup got stuck in the drain. My hand got cut up while I tried to get it out but eventually I did.

On my way to take something out to the garage I was treated by a big piece of poop laid next to some poopy pants. So before I could sit down I now had to scrub the sidewalk. Wow. That was fun. And of course Jacob would have a hard time sleeping tonight because that only seems fitting to my perfect day.

And for some reason when I write it all out it really doesn't seem so bad. I guess I was just making a mountain out of a mole hill as they say. A few good things did come out of the day. When I get really frustrated it helps me to calm down by creating something. So I painted flowers and shutters on the girls bed. Then I realized what a mess their closet was and cleaned out shoes and clothes they don't wear or are to small. Now I am blogging then I am going to go lay down and read. I have a bunch on my night stand but I kinda want to get a new action book not a thinking or emotional book. I think I will explore kindle then head to bed.

The pictures are from my phone so not the best but you get the idea.

The side of the bed.
I hope this will help some one who is normal, feel even more normal as they realize we all have days that feel crazy and where we wish we could have a do over or restart or rewind. Tomorrow, it will be the best day ever, right?