Monday, May 10, 2010


I had a rather strange experience today and I felt the need to write it down. Have you ever heard of the most amazing women around named Stephanie Nielsen? She has a blog here. And a most amazing video here. This amazing women with a divine example of beauty has forever changed my life and the way I view the mundane and ordinary. After I first watched this short video I sat at my computer more emotional then expected. I thought about my life. My big trials and little ones. I pondered on how I have handled them. Both triumphantly and not so eloquently. But one thing I realized I had in come with stunning Stephanie. I too have a deep testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I too have looked upon hard trials (none as serious as hers) and felt gratitude for them and the blessings I have recieved becasue I was faithful throughtout. I have also wished them to leave and desired for an absence of the pain I feel while in the thick of it. But what I walked away feeling was a desire to find the glorious, the beauty, the miracle in every single day. I feel they are there just awaiting my discovery. Looking for me to point out and feel a little more deeply.

Miracles of today
1. the example of Stephanie
2. the blessing of a wonderful sister who means more to me then she will ever understand
3. the power of prayer and the strong conviction of faith it can give its recipients
4. Love. The love I feel from my husband on a daily basis even when I know I am not worthy of it.
5. An overwhelming desire to live. Not just endure or go through the motions but to truly live!

That is just in the last 12 hours. My heart strings have been stirred and I wish them to sing a song of lasting impression so that I may hold with me the thoughts and feelings of this one moment.

These little people are the reason I am alive. They are what I pray for, hope for, and dream about. I wish for them mundane and boring. That in those quiet moments they may began, as I have, to discover who they are and their tremendous worth in the sight of God