Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday we went to my BIL's ward becasue he was called as the new bishop. The old bishops wife spoke about how she is sad to have her husband released because she has seen so many blessings come from his willingness to serve. When Ryan was called into the bishopric the old 2nd counselor said similar things and at the time it was a huge comfort to me. I was feeling overwhelmed with the thought of going to church every Sunday without the help of Ryan. To losing him all day Sunday and also Wednesday nights. But her words helped me to see that we too would be blessed in ways I had not even imagined.

As I pondered on this yesterday my mind begin to be opened to the blessings we have already received. We have moved to a bigger more comfortable house and to a better school. Ryan and I's relationship has improved and our love seems to be felt even more then it already was. I have learned how to be more organized and less stressed. I am learning how to play with the kids and enjoy life more. I have been given the calling at church to teach the youth sunday school and it has been my favorite so far. I could go on and on.

It feels as though the sun has just come over the mountains and I am finally becoming the person I have always wanted to be. And that is because my husband is willing to give so much time to the Lord we are being blessed more then imagined. I feel so blessed beyond what I had hoped for and I can understand why someone would not want to loss out on service opportunities.

Strange to say that in such a short period of time we could be blessed so much. Can't wait to see what the years to come hold in store for us!

SO my word for the month of July and possibly the rest of the year- Becoming!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The power within!

I am now over a month over due on my photo blog. Been taking pictures just not updating. It will have to wait one more week. With moving and trying to get my house in order it has not been number one on my list. And for the first time I have not guilt associated with that. I have an amazing sense of confidence and peace that has began to stir in my heart and soul and I feel like I am a brand new woman. What changed? The Power of Mom's retreat.

If you have never heard of the power of moms please check them out here. It was founded by two of the most amazing mom's (Linda Eyre's daughter Saren and April Perry) who I have now been privileged to visit with, learn from, and be uplifted by. As well as other mom's who contribute their insigts into the wonderfulness of motherhood. It is all very poistive and there is no negative "bashing" going on. It is a safe place for mothers to come and learn how to be better mothers.

Why am I giving such a huge plug? Because I feel like I did when I first got married and the world was in front of me. I was going to do such wonderful things for my children. But then life came and stress happened and I lost some of that passion and zest. Now I feel like me again. No stress just ambition. And for the first time in a long time a really feel like I am going to be able to become the mom I have always wanted to be.

And on top of that we were given a program called Mind Organization for Mom's. Link here. This is changing my life. If anyone is interested let me know so I can tell you more about it. For the first time my inbox is empty. My ideas are all in one spot, and it is not the chaos that was my brain. I know where all of my important papers are and I know when I need to be places. I am also in the process of making a master schedule and then I will really be able to know if I have time to help someone with a project instead of instinctively saying no because I "know" I have to much on my plate. When I get new ideas I now feel excited that at some point I will be able to accomplish it because all those ideas are now easy to find and again out of my brain. I don't feel that nagging that I am forgetting something. I have been sleeping better and the knot in my shoulder that I have carried for over six years is gone. That is huge.

To sum things up I feel like a happy healthier me. The true me. It feels so good and energizing. With all that I learned and how it has changed my life I am thinking of starting a learning circle locally. I seriously want to help other mom's feel the way I feel.

I am re-reading what I wrote and it sounds like a sales pitch. I should write them a testimonial for their site. I love it that much.