Monday, May 26, 2008

A day to remember

We went to the cemetery today. It was a reverent moment for me. This day can be so awesome if we allow ourselves the time to ponder on the amazing soldiers who have given so much that we may live free.

I have been meaning to blog but this time I do have a good excuse. Baby Chapman #6, grandchild # 12 on one said and #20 on the other is making his/her way into the world sometime in January. That sounds so far away but I have learned that time flies so fast and it seems to fly faster and faster the older I get. I am totally excited and I have already thought of a ton of names I like. Adam and Hannah are top on the list. I have loved the name Hannah since before I had kids and always thought my last would be Hannah but now it is one of the top names and I don't know if I want to do that? Part of me wants to do something non traditional like Eden. Time will tell. I have started a pregnancy journal for anyone who is interested,

We had a most wonderful weekend visiting with Ryan's family. The Chapman's had a family reunion and can I just tell you how much I love these people. The make me smile. How great it is to feel like you belong. A real sense of home.

Friday night we played games at my SIL Sarah's beautiful house. The kids watched a show in the play room while we played Mafia. I am a now a fan of this game. By the time we were done I finally got the strategy. Again we will play this game and I will reign supreme.
Saturday morning we cleaned out our garage then headed over to the church for
family funness/ traditional Chapman family b-ball game/fight.
While they taunted each other we played card games and enjoyed visiting.

Yesterday we had a nice dinner at my MIL's and celebrated Ryan's Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays. It is always so neat to watch the relationships develop in family. Even though we only see each other at best annually.
Joseph just loved Ryan's cousins little girl Staysha. He was so cute with her.After that those who had the nerve stepped up and did a little talent show. Some of the mommies decided to do a little skit/dancing. This is out of my comfort zone but I went along and we had a great time being goofy and making the family laugh, as well as ourselves. Good stuff.
SIL's Hope, Sarah, Amy, Allie, and cousin Leslie. I am in the back in the pink.

Ryan's brothers did an impromptu of the song "My Little Buttercup" from Three Amigos.
Very funny boys.

Joseph wanted to do something but he was to shy so he
and I lead the group in a round of "popcorn popping"

Joshua enjoyed my goggles. He gets my style even if no one else does.

Then today to start off the mode of Memorial day we sung some patriotic songs and my BIL Kyle talked about the importance of this day and paid tribute to Grandpa and his service in the War. We all cried and it was a powerful moment. Then some of my younger BIL's raised the flag and we said the pledge of allegiance. Very cool.

I felt lucky to catch this cute little moment.And then the games began. Wheel Barrel.This didn't work out like he thought it might. Joshua wouldn't go.The day would not be complete without the flour relay. Amy is showing us how it is done.Even Joshua got in on the action.Three legged race wasn't as fun as some of the kids hoped. Yet others booked it.They were so cute. This is Joseph with his cousin Ethan. They just took it slow and seemed to enjoy themselves.

It was a great weekend. I think I just blogged enough to compensate for my lack of in the past couple weeks.

Monday, May 12, 2008

And my new growing opportunity/calling is....

Drum roll please.... (Here you go Ricki, Sorry to leave you in such suspense)

I am the new young women's president in my ward. The girls are amazing. They genuinely love each other. No tension, no catty behavior. They are up lifting and loving. They always tell me something they love about me and thank me for my lessons. I could not ask for better girls. That is the wonderful part. I am going to have so much fun with them.

The overwhelming part? I can no longer go along for the ride. I am in charge. The responsibility now lays on my head. I don't just attend meetings, I am in charge of them. I want so much to do right by these girls. To help them in this sometimes hard time in their life. I remember how hard my Jr and Sr years were. I felt so lost. I hope these girls can feel my love for them no matter what dumb choices they may make. I want them to feel of my love for them and in turn be able to feel of the Saviors love for them. I have such high expectations for myself.

I do have amazing councilors. I feel like I have the very best that is to be had. And I am anxious to met with them and get to know them. Before they had been called I had not had a conversation with any of them. But I just feel like we are going to have so much fun.

I was blessed to go to Time out For Women on Saturday with my family. I think I cried the whole day. I felt so feed and edified. It was as if angels were sitting next to me whispering to me what I specifically needed to hear. I felt the love of my Savior in overwhelming abundance. That sometimes we need to be broken down so that we can be rebuilt in to something much more. When we would settle for a simple cottage the Lord is making us into a grand and glorious mansion. Sometimes the stretching and pulling hurts and it feels like more then we can bare but when we have overcome the challenge or hardship we see all that we become not in spite of but because of it. I wish I could put into words all that I felt that day. To sum it up? I felt like I could handle any and all that the Lords puts in my path as long as I strive to remember Him. To recognize that His will is above mine and that is were I will find true happiness.

Mothers Day for me this year was better then I can ever remember any mother's day being. The kids all made me cards. Joseph made a computer out of paper just like the girls did. So cute. But when he was showing Ryan he got upset because his "rat"had fallen off. I thought it was funny that ha called the mouse that. He had the right principle. The kids brought me breakfast in bed then sat with me and helped me eat it. We made cookies for the old YW leaders and cake for Grandma. It was just relaxing. I think what made it so great was that I felt so much love for being able to be their mom. Just that God would trust these sweet people in my care. I had a good discussion with the kids about their names and who they were named after. I felt prompted to have this discussion while at Time out for women. I named them after mighty people that they could see how great they could become. As I explained to each child why I picked the name I did for them and the attributes that person had I realized that my children have the same qualities I admire in there name sakes.

Jared Moroni is a good leader and stands up for what is right like Captain Moroni.
Sarah May is strong and immovable.
Emma Rebecca is loving and concerned for others.
Joseph Mosiah is tender hearted and fun loving, yet resolute.
And Joshua Enoch is strong, determined, and yet joyful.

What more could a mother want in her children. I am so grateful for them!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


That is such an understatement. Sometimes I think the Lord gives us opportunities that we may feel our strong need to rely on Him. Tonight I received a calling that is defiantly beyond my human capabilities. But I feel such a strong impression that He will magnify me to become the leader he needs me to be. That as I learn to come to him I will be able to be an instrument in his hands. I feel the weight of this calling heavily at the moment and have a burning desire to do all that I can with it. I am simply grateful for this chance to grow and be stretched beyond what I would stretch myself.

The long awaited day has finally come

Since I had Joseph I have been looking forward to the day when I could tell people I was in my 30's. Maybe it is because I was married so young and my family grew rather quickly that growing older has never bother. Almost every time I go out with the kids someone says something about me having a lot of children. It used to bug me but know I just smile and tell them how great it is and usually they get uncomfortable and I have learned to enjoy that. I love my life. I love my children. I made this choice and I never regret it, never. I know it is not for everyone but I have been so blessed to learn from these wonderful little people.

Ryan took me and the kids out to dinner on Monday for my birthday. When they came to sing to me Ryan was in the bathroom with Joseph so they waited and talked with me. Our waitress told the others that I was the mom of all these kids and the one was in shock. "I thought you were our age, like 23. You don't look your age, wait I don't know your age." Then I got to say it, "I'm in my 30's" They were all in shock and it made my day. Yeah, it's all about the simple pleasures in life.

Monday, May 05, 2008


I had so much fun playing with baby Madeline. She is such a sweet baby and I could not get enough of her. Here is a little sneak peek.