Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby Jacob

I had an ultrasound today. I guess I have been measuring big the last few times I went to the Dr's. At 29 weeks I measured 30 then at 31 I was measuring 33 weeks. At the ultrasound I was 32 weeks and 1 day but the baby is measuring 33 weeks and 3 days. He is still a boy. His estimated weight is 4lbs 9 ozs. That seems so big considering people have 6 lb babies. I believe Ryan was a 6 lb baby. As of right now I am not sure what this means for me. My brother was 10 lbs and had problems being delivered. I think they had to dislocate his shoulder. I really don't want that.

What am I hoping for? I am hoping that my given due date is simply off. I was never sure on the due date. With that said then I hope I go into labor on my own sooner then later. If I don't go into labor on my own I am perfectly fine with being induced a week early. As I recall my brother was two weeks late which would account for his huge size.

I am excited to see this little guy and to have him be apart of our family. It was so wonderful to get to see his little face today and see his heart beating strong.

My original due date is Jan 20th. If I do go a week early he will be born the 13th. My ideal due date? I think it would be the 10th early in the morning. That way it will be a weekend and I won't have to worry about school or work. If only it worked that way. I have never had a baby come more then a week early.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So it is almost Thanksgiving and I am just now getting Halloween updated, at least I am doing it.
We got back from our trip on the 29th and that day was shoot. I knew it was going to be like this so I got there costumes all ready in back in Sept. Jared wanted to be Indiana Jones so Joseph wanted the same thing. I went to the thrift store and got them tan pants and dress shirts that looked tan. Joseph also found cowboy boats and he was so excited. I got Jared a cowboy hat and I thought it work. I then made them bags like Indiana's and a whip. Thanks Hope for showing me how to do that.

While we were there Emma saw a night dress that looked just like Wendy's from Peter Pan. I think it cost me like $2. Seriously how could you beat that. We later found her slippers from Target that were perfect. Joshua was going to be a knight. He talked about it for days. The day before Halloween we found a tigger costume some one had given to us and he changed his mind. I didn't care cause they were both from previous years.

Since everyones costumes were so cheap I told Sarah she could whatever she wanted. She found a princess costume and decided she was Ella from Ella Enchanted, we were reading the book.

Do you notice anything odd about these pumpkins?We carved our pumpkins the night before Halloween. The kids were so excited when we put them on the porch the next day. A few hours later Joseph comes running in to tell me Joshua threw a pumpkin down the hill. If you have not seen my house before here it is. The pumpkins were right by the front door and went all the way to the bottom of the hill. I was shocked there was not more damage. I started to feel mad then Ryan said to me, "Can you imagine how cool that was to watch to a two and four year old." Come to find out it was not a pumpkin it was all the pumpkins. Joseph fessed up that they both did it. Funny boys.

We started out our evening visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Chapman. They seemed pleased to see all the kids. We then went around there neighbor hood till it got dark Then we headed over to the church for some trunk-or-treating. The kids had so much candy it was crazy!


Emma's birthday is actually tomorrow but we decided to have her party two weeks early so that her friends could make it. I figured everyone would be out of town this week and she has never really had a big party. She choose tinkerbell as her theme and it was so easy to find tink party stuff. My friend Shannon gave me some awesome quick ideas so that I could throw her party together in a really short time period. I normally do more homemade stuff but being pregnant I bought all the store Tink stuff I could find.

As the girls arrived Emma sprinkled them with fairy dust and then Sarah read to them from her Tink book. I was surprised that the girls sat still for this. Then they colored wands for the pin the wind in Tinks hand game. As we turned the girls around we all said "I do believe in fairies" The girls got really into this. After their turn they got fairy makeup put on.

We then had a tea party with all small fairy size food and warm apple juice for tea. After this they decorated foam wands with sparkly stuff and ribbons.

Emma was so anxious for presents so when she wanted to do it know I said sure. She was so thrilled. She truly loved all her presents.
Instead of making a big cake Emma wanted to let the girls decorate their own cupcakes. I think most the girls enjoyed this. And after you feed them and sugar them up what do you do? Hit a pinata and eat more sugar. The funny thing about the pinata, I don't really like them. But when Emma saw this she had me put back the fairy wreaths we were going to make so that she could get it. The pinata broke but not where the candy was so I just ripped it open.
This is what I put in the pinata. I made three little bags labeled fairy gem, stone, and jewels and tied them together so that each girl would get the same amount. I didn't want fits over candy.We played pass the parcel as I read a fairy book. Every time I read the word fairy they had to pass their goodie bag to the left. This was funny to watch because we had some smaller girls who didn't really get it. Then we sent them home high on sugar.

Once all the girls left I collapsed on the floor. I actually feel asleep on the couch. I had to go to a youth activity at 10pm that night and I was glad I had set an alarm to wake myself up. The youth were meeting at the bishops house and from 10-12 were going to watch a movie and hang out then from 12-2 in the morning play broom hockey at the ice rink. I was not about to stay up till two. I sent my counselors and I am just so grateful to have amazing counselors who always pick up my slack.

Ryan and I had our anniversary the next day. We didn't plan much and it was so wonderful. After a big trip to Hawaii (which is our anniversary/xmas presents/everything for the next year presents) we didn't need to do much. My BIL Tyler came over for the day and watched the kids while we went to San Diego for the day. We went to lunch together and then did a lot of window shopping. Mostly we just enjoyed being together with nothing else to distract us.

I am reminded how much this man fits me to a T. He understands the way I think and he loves me so fully. It is times like this when I hope that all women feel as blessed as I do!

Weekend in Vegas

I have spent the day on the couch due to a very sick little boy. Joshua has thrown up more then I ever remember any of my children throwing up. Good thing for me is that he is finally learning how to do it in a bowl instead of all over the place. I have spent the time updating my blog. I finished writing about our trip and I have uploaded several pictures to back posts.

I plan on spending the next few days finishing updating.

This weekend I got to go to my sisters house in Vegas and it was so wonderful. I went by myself and we enjoyed shopping and just being together. Laura got her hair cut while I enjoyed a pedi. We both got some new clothes.

Then on Saturday I had so much fun taking pictures of her family. I posted a few on I really do enjoy taking pictures! I basically followed them around while they played in the park. It was fun to be by myself with these boys so that I could get to know them a little better. I wish my sister lived closer. There is just nothing better then a sister. You can say things to her you wouldn't be able to say to anyone else. What a blessing!