Monday, September 06, 2010

Winding down the summer with one last adventure.

After getting our dog Betty it became a challenge to know how to take the kids on vacation. Then with sicknesses, a broken leg, and more sickness our summer was a little less then what we were expecting. Life has been a little stressful the last couple of weeks and I just really needed my family.

So I have this great idea to take the family to go visit my sister and my parents in Vegas. Saturday, after swimming in the pool with cousins, we get in my car and it is dead. We jump it and yay, it works. By the time we get to my parents house Ryan has me leave it on while he takes a look at it and it dies on him. Hmmm

Our plan was to come home first thing Monday morning to avoid labor day traffic. But that is kinda hard with a dead car. All the shops are closed till Tuesday because of the holiday. Everyone needs a little vacation, right?

I love my excursion. We named it hippo when we first got it because it is so huge and it weighs the same as a hippo. It is comfortable and we have a good relationship. So good it has 158,000 miles on it. I have always believed you drive cars till they are either un-drivable or more expensive to fix then they are worth.

And I am sad to say we are now ready to part ways. I will miss my huge boat. I will miss all of it's extra space. I will even miss the dings I have given it. The ones I was upset about at the time but I know laugh at and have great memories about.

But with this departure will come a new adventure. A much smaller cuter one. Used but not to used. Loved but not to much. It is a Honda, it is black, and I can already tell we will get along just splendidly. (don't you just love that word?)

I'm sitting in the dealership waiting for it to be spruced up as I type away on my phone (by the way, how cool is technology that I can now blog from my phone)

I'll post a picture when we get back.