Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do you ever have an idea that blooms so rapidly in your head you feel you need to write a book about it? This happens every once in awhile to me. It is as if Heavenly Father opens my mind to understand a concept and then puts experiences in my path to then understand them. About 5 years ago I experienced this for the first time that I can remember.

I began to understand so deeply the love our God has for women and how the world is doing all it can to tear them down. The more I pondered on the subject the deeper I felt about it. A story plot began to grow in my mind. I began to see a glimpse into my purpose. And then life hit me and it hit me hard. It seemed as though the women I was closest to were struggling in ways I didn't know how to help. Then we had physical trials and financial trials and life was just hard for a little while.

I was in survival mode and I seemed to lose that glimmer of light I had into my purpose. Now several years later I feel it knocking at my door and for some reason it frightens me. Will I be able to do hard things? Will my written words have the strength and power to entice change? Will I be able to portray all that I feel in my heart? Will I be able to get over my fears and plug forward?

As I type that I want to shoot yes. I want to fight for this. I want to be the conduit of change for women who struggle understanding their worth by sharing the words God places into my mind. So if you read this I ask that you pray for me to have the strength to press on and the power to give hope to the hopeless and strength for the weak.

The idea that has been flowing to me from many directions is simple. I call it the divine power of purpose. All of us here on earth are given talents and gifts. As we learn to identify what those gifts are we can find greater meaning and purpose in our every day living. As we strengthen what we have already been given a by product of that will be
1. We will find joy in sharing those gifts. Isn't it true that it is much more enjoyable to do something you are good at opposed to something you feel like a failure at?
2. Our life will take on greater purpose because we will understand we are doing what Heavenly Father wants us to do and by so doing we will feel a closer connection to our Maker.
3.We will understand how to better serve those around us in a way that brings not only us fulfillment but them as well. When you run across a person who is so passionate about a topic you can't help but be inspired and want to improve yourself in the process.
4.We will no longer feel the need to compare ourselves to others because we will see our unique gifts in the grand picture much like colors in a rainbow, all are needed to give the rainbow it's unique beauty.

Let me share an example. I like to talk to people and understand their stories. When I was younger people would tell me all about their problems, sometimes more then my young heart could handle. Listening then helping came easy to me and so I just assumed it was easy for everyone.

As I got older I began to see this was something Heavenly Father had given me so that I could help people. I began to seek inspiration when helping. Now when a girlfriend comes to me and, through this gift, I am able to help them I have feel as though I am on cloud nine. That is because I am doing what I was designed to do. Not what Jenny or Jack were meant to do but what I was meant to do. I began to feel my life has purpose and I feel a closeness to Divinity. This kind of service is natural for me because it is what I am meant to do.

I want to help women find joy and meaning in everyday service by using the gifts they have been given. Then finding peace in knowing their offering is not only accepted but pleasing to the Lord.