Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I grew up with cats and dogs. Our dogs were always neglected and Never really got played with. I loved having cats and enjoyed dressing them up when I was little. I remember one of my cats licking my tears once when I was crying.

My husband on the other hand remembers cleaning up poop and not playing with their animals so he really has no desire to own a cat or dog. For some reason I have been wanting a pet. Not a dragon that I would never hold but something that can be held.

We are trying to help Joseph to stop sucking his fingers. So I thought I would offer him a pet if he could stop. We went to the pet store yesterday to try and motivate him. He told me on the way he wanted a rat and I was thinking, "yeah, no!" I just figured it would be easy to convince him other wise.

When we got there we had the worker lady show us all the animals. She showed us the hamster and explained that hamsters bit, often. The mice were to jumpy they would not be good for a little boy to hold. We held rats, Geckos, and snakes. We looked at frogs and lizards. We pet the cats, rabbits, birds, and guinea pigs. To my surprise what was the animal, besides a cat, that I wanted? A rat. The rats were so friendly and soft. Easy for little hands to hold. They can be potty trained. The worker was explaining to us how smart the rats are. Once I got over the gross idea of the rat I warmed up quickly.

I got home and found this. How cool is that. I then recruited my husband to make me one and he agreed. What a sweet man! I know it seems weird that I now really want a couple of rats but I will take what I can get. Now I just get to help my son stop sucking his fingers

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a quick note for any one who may have a 9-10 year old boy at your house. Watch what you say and do, they go home and tell their parents the funniest stories. Jared came home with some great stuff today. I take it with a grain of salt because I understand the perspect it is coming from but yes, the kid can make me laugh!

You know you want to play....

1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see what people remember about you!


This will be short.

I just got back from the Dr and was told I need to go on a diet and lose a little weight because I have gained to much already. I am really unsure as to how I feel about this. Gaining weight this early is not normal for me but this whole pregnancy has been not normal. How does a vegan pregnant women go about losing weight and still make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs? Sigh.. If anyone has suggestions on how to do this I am all ears. I did start walking and that has helped me to emotionally feel better, but I can't imagine that is going to help me lose the weight.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's the best day ever!

Sigh. I always have intentions of writing, I think about it on a daily basis. I have been trying to not turn on my computer so that my children get my full attention and then at night I feel so tired I head straight to bed.

So tonight I have decided to just plug forward and do some bloggin

We kidnapped Ryan on Thursday and went to the OC fair. This is the fair I grew up on and it was so fun to take my family along. It was $1 ride days so the kids got to go on more rides then normal and I think they all felt funned out by the end of the day. As soon as we got there it was time to eat and really, who doesn't love fair food. I actually found some very tasty fish tacos.

We stopped for a long time while the kids watch pottery being made. I was surprised how long the kids were entertained by this. We were in no hurry and just enjoyed being together. Then we spot the funnel cakes. I was in complete shock that my husband had never had a funnel cake before. That was always the big treat when we went to knotts berry farm as kids. SO we got a couple and shared. The kids devored them. Yeah the stuff is really that good!

Then into kiddie land where the bigger kids got to rock climb. Joseph was so excited to do this until we found out he had to be 40 lbs. I was not sure on his weight but I was pretty sure he was lighter then that. (The next day we weighed him first thing in the morning and he was 39.6 lbs. Add shoes, pizza, funnel cake and some soda... he totally could have done it. Next time) they all loved the up but were not so sure on the down.

While the big kids climbed Joseph and Joshua got to ride several little rides. He was so cute when he got on this ride.

He didn't even wait for the lady to help him. He just climbed himself right in and had I not been there he would have climbed himself right out.

When it came down to it I don't think Joseph cared what rides he rode. He was just pleased to be on a ride.

This slide was huge. I was impressed that the little ones even wanted to ride.
We took a stroll through the shops. I cracked up when I saw this personality tester. It looks so old. I remember taking the test when I was young. The same machine. How funny. We then headed over to the animals. Do you see how big this thing is. I don't think the picture does it justice. I just kept staring at it because I had never seen anything like it. All the reptiles were abnormally large or weird.
And what would the fair be without the pig races? Ok, so I didn't even know people did this?My cow loving little boy was in heaven. I think he was in shock at how huge they were. (Sorry it is so dark I am to tired to lighten it right now)

After a good hand washing from being around the animals we headed over to what Jared called, "big kids land!" There they rode rides I think they would not ride again. Jared got off one and looked so sick. Sarah said she loved it but Jared was unsure. Some of those rides looked crazy. I don't remember the rides going up so high or so fast. Because I am pregnant I didn't try them but would be interested to another year. So the few rides I did ride? The ferris wheel. I HATE this ride. I really do. It shakes like it is unstable when you are stopped at the top. I don't like heights to begin with. When a ride moves fast I don't notice it the same. It is the slow jerky movements while they are loading the new group on. Not fun. So why did I go on it? Because this was the ONE ride Emma wanted to go on. She talked about it before we even got there. How could I say no?

The other ride was a little kid roller coaster. I got to go with Emma and Joseph and Joseph had me hold him tight the whole time. He was so cute abut it.

We them headed over to the Spectrum in Irvine and ate at Red Robin where the kids were all fairly well behaved because we had sufficiently worn them out! Since everyone was so tired we went to the movies. We do not go to the movies very often because it is expensive and the little boy does not sit still. But we braved it and he fell asleep pretty quickly. To bad we went and saw Wall-E. I was not plugging for this one and it was fairly slow. Not bad just not worth the money we spent.

All in all, it was a great day and I am so grateful for the time we spent together! Good memories!
At the end of the day I just smiled to myself as we went to bed. I love my little people and their wonderful father!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

This post is a bunch of non sense put into one post.

I am finally posting. I have been feeling much better for most of the week. Boy is that a sigh of relief. A couple more weeks and I am hoping to be out the blue entirely.
I took this picture outside of church last week. I have been feel nostalgic and I remember when we would be all ready for church my mom would line us up and take a picture.
We had FHE in the park with our ward on monday and we had such an enjoyable time. I love cool summer nights, especially after hot days. They played this game that starts with a B. You try to get your ball the closest to the little white ball. It was great cause even Joshua loved it.
Speaking of Joshua, he made a friend. Reggie was so good with him. Joshua followed him around every where even when he was plahying Baseball, Josh followed him on the bases.
Joseph really enjoyed playing catch with dad and kicking the ball around.
This picture is great cause captures Joshua throwing the ball. His new thing is to say ,"catch" right before he throws something. Sunday in church he had two toys and he declared,"catch!" I was glad for the warning so I could stop him before it flew into the back of someones head. Jared was playing a game with me while I was trying to take his picture, he wanted to see if he could put his hand in the way before I got the shoot. Sorry pal, my camera is just to fast.
And here is Sarah posing for the camera.Emma loves her watermellon. She polished off the whole bowl. Isn't that really the essence of summer.

Speaking of relaxing summer, what was I thinking when I signed the three older kids up for basketball and the two younger ones up for swim lessons? Monday and Wednesday we have swim lessons and Tuesdat and thursday we spend 2 hours each for b-ball. And we also have piano on thursdays. Even though it keeps us busy I am so proud of how awsome Joseph is doing. He has become this little fish. No fear. He even jumps off the diving board. His favorite is when daddy takes him swimming "like a dolphin" under water. Joshua is still not so sure about it. He seems to be happy playing in the kiddie pool. And Bball is fun to watch the kids learn how to play better. Their little personalities sure come out on the court.

Poor little Joseph woke up so grumpy this morning. I had a rough night and I was not so sympathetic. I had checked him before we left for a fever because he was acting so out of character. Then at piano he climbed on my lap becasue he didn't want to play and I could feel he was warm. Shortly after his face turned pale and and I could tell all was not well. He fell asleep on the couch at grandma's while the kids played (piano is at grandma's) Once I felt like he had enough time for his stomach to settle we headed home and we have basically been on the couch since. He has thrown up over 5 times and I feel so bad for him. He has nothing left to throw up. What do we have planned for tomorrow? Probably just hanging out at home with the kids. Maybe once the younger ones go to bed we will have a fire and do smores. Maybe we will even get to see some fireworks.

Random but I just remembered this, Joshua's new thing to say is "goo goo gaw gaw" He is mimicking a baby. He cracks me up. The other thing we love is that he know says, "bon jou" This thrills us so much since his Grandparents are still in France. It started from a book on tape we listened to in the car and it has stuck.

We had a fun girls night on tuesday. We went to my SIL Sarah's house and the girls got their nails done and we tied their hair in rags. This turned out so cute! Then when they woke up we had major curls on our hands. To bad they went swimming before I got a chance to take a picture. Then they watched a movie while I snuck away to a metting and when I got back they were doing a talent show. Family is the best! I hope the kids always value these memories with each other.

While we did our girl thing the Ryan took the boys to go see Kung Foo Panda. I am guessing they loved it because they have been quoting it ever since. I must take a moment to say how blessed I am to have a man like Ryan. He loves me so very much and shows it in the ways that really matter. Like tonight, he is hanging out at the laundry mat, cause our drier broke, and doing it simply because he knows it needs doing and that I don't feel well. He has been helping out with food and getting up with the kids. This is not all though, he constantly tells me how pretty I am and how luck he is to have me. When I was young and wondered about my husband I didn't know I would be blessed with such a selfless loving man that is super hot on top of all his awesome qualities.
One more Random note, Girls camp is next week and I am so excited. I wish I felt better so that I could go the whole time. As it is I am going to go up on Thursday and come home the following morning. I hope the girls have a great time!