Monday, September 19, 2011

My schedule

Every once in a while I think my life feels kinda crazy. I know one day I will wish I had all my little people around me like I do now. So I want to document my everyday craziness.

5:25 wake up, pray, get ready for gym
5:40-6:30 gym time
6:45 shower
7 family scripture reading and family prayer
7:30 take middle school kids to school and pick up carpool
7:50-8:15 help elementary kid get ready for school
8:15 eat breakfast & start laundry
8:30 start to clean up from breakfast
9 take Ryan to work. (miss our second car)
9:20 depends on the day. Either run errands or do housework.
10:30 school work with Joshua
11:10 Josh and Jacob eat lunch and pack snack for Joshua.
11:30 leave to pick up carpool then take to K
11:50 pick up Ryan for lunch
12:45 Jacob and I go down for nap
1:15 mommy time. This is when I will get things done that are just easier when kids are not around. Every once in awhile I will read. Wish I did that more often
2:25 middle school kids get home
2:30 they have a snack and start on homework
3:35 elementary kids get home
3:40 snack and homework
4ish I start with dinner prep
5:15 Ryan gets home and we have dinner
6 dinner clean up.
6:20 kids do their jobs.
7 family prayer
7:05 reading with the boys
7:30 little boys to bed
7:30 girls to their rooms to read
8 girls lights out.
8:30 Jared goes to bed
8:30 down time, Ryan and I get to hang out.
9:30 lights out for me. I have become an old person since I have to wake up so early.

After writing all that down I realize things really are not to bad right now. Sarah just finished her travel Bball team and piano is on hold. Now next month with 4 kids starting Bball things will get a little crazy again.

Big to nuff?

Everyday I drive the middle school kids to school. Jacob rides with me. He is always so excited when we pick up our carpool. He makes them laugh on most days. It is a delightful drive... Until we drop them off. He asks me, "Am I big to nuff?" and when I have to tell him he is not yet big enough to go to school he feels sad. But he seems to get over it pretty quickly.
Then I get home and help the elementary kids get ready. They like to walk to school so Jacob doesn't seem to make a big deal about them leaving.
When we take Joshua to school Jacob grabs his back pack and declares "I'm big to nuff now." I don't say anything because I need him to get into the car in a cooperative mood. We pick up the neighbor kid and off to school. The boys jump out and realization hits that another day has come and he does not get to go to school. Melt down. Serious screaming and crying. I feel bad for the kid. He doesn't realize that he still has 3 more years before he gets to go to school.
And then I think it might be me the one who cries when they are all in school.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

I thought I should document this

Every morning, well most mornings, we sit down together and read scriptures. This is such a vital time for us as a family. We take time to study God's words for us, we pray together, we love each other. I believe it brings us closer together.

The other day when Jacob was actually paying attention I felt compelled to get out my Snap and take a picture. I think this picture will stick with me when they are all grown and gone.