Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

Last year I made the cutest Christmas card and never sent it out. This year? I took the kids picture and that is as far as I got. I am hoping to make a birth announcement and send a letter then. We have moved so much in the past few years that no one has our current address so I am sad to miss out on others cards. I was joking the other day that I felt like we should be moving since the baby is due and we have always moved after I have had a baby.

Speaking of sweet baby. I am feeling very ready (physically at least) to have Baby Jacob here. My hips are achy if I stand to long. I still have a lot of preparation to do before he gets here though. I have the quilt all ready to be sewn. Thanks Auntie Hope for doing that. I ha a hard time picking out the fabric but once I did I was so excited. I wanted to stay away from the same old same old being this is my fourth boy. So I picked a retro color scheme and patterns. Navy blue, burnt orange, mustard yellow, chocolate brown, and white/cream. I love it

I painted this the other day to match his blanket.(the pic is from my phone, sorry not the best)
I was so happy with the way it turned out. It was time consuming but not hard. I painted the whole canvas brown. Then I taped off squares. I painted each square a different color. I then made the numbers into stickers with a sticker maker my mom had given me a few years back and put those in place. Painted over them with different colors. Then I took the tape off and rubbed along the edges so the painted would look rustic. I have no free hand ability and so I go through extra steps but I love my finished project.

It felt good to do a project. For christmas I also made these super cute aprons for two of my SIL's. I will have to have them take a picure so I can post them. I was proud f those two. Before that I had not been in much of a crafty mood. I wish my body would allow for my creativeness.

Today I did all of my baking and it to all the life out of me. Feels good to have it all done!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What an amazing day!

It seems kinda strange to me that I would be saying that after coming home from the burial of my dear wonderful Grandpa! Technically he is Ryan's Grandpa but I never really got to know my own Grandpas. My mom's dad died before I was born and my dad's grandpa died when I was 7 or 8.

Grandpa Chapman always greeted me with a smile, hug and kiss. I could feel the love he had for me as well as my children. Family was so important to him and I feel so blessed to have known this most wonderful man. He exemplifies what a Grandpa should be and I am grateful that we have been blessed to live close over the past two years so that I had a chance to know him even better. Last year for Christmas we could not think of anything to give them. I believe we were inspired when we came up with a plan to bring dinners to them for the following year. Between all of Ryan's married siblings we took three times a week to bring them dinner. When the situation allowed we would have dinner with them. My children got to know them both in a way they would not have had we not done this. My children are richly blessed from hearing Grandpa's stories. They were anything from funny jokes, sports stories, funny things Ryan's dad did as a child, bragging about a family member, to stories of the war. He was a hero to us all in so many ways.

Yesterday was the funeral services. I was surprised at the emotion which Sarah showed. I felt the need to stay strong for her sake. I didn't get a chance to see him at the viewing since Sarah was so distraught and I just held her outside the room. I love this little girl who feels her emotions so deeply. It was good to be reminded of the wonderful man he was. I learned things I didn't know, one being Grandpas love for Christmas time. The lights and the music.

Today was the burial and I think all the emotion I was holding in yesterday was allowed to be released. I was in awe at the majestic of the service. Grandpa was a war hero and was thus privileged to be buried at the riverside national cemetery. He was at pearl harbor when it was bombed. I wish I could remember all the wonderful things he survived during that time period. The military procedure touched me so deeply. His coffin was covered with an American flag. They saluted him as his coffin passed. The bugle played and my whole being was touched. These retired soldiers volunteer their time to bury a fellow patriot. As they folded the flag I was again moved to tears. They struggled to get it folded perfectly and unfolded it a few times. Their love for this country and for what the flag symbolizes was evident in their respect to each each fold. As the guns sounded I felt deep appreciation for what our countries soldiers of all eras have done so that we may have the rights we do and again I mourned over the lose of this wonderful man we call Grandpa.

Until we meet again, we love you Grandpa Chapman!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tis the season...

Our Thanksgiving was a unique one for me. Joshua got really sick the Sunday before. I felt so sad for the little guy. I have never had a child throw up as much and for as long as this poor kid did. I sat on the couch with him all week and felt rather lazy. He just wanted some one to be by him. When I did get up he would follow me and not stay laying down. So I got to do a lot relaxing whether I wanted to or not. Wed he was doing much better and only threw up once and it was after Joseph gave him some candy so I thought we were in the clear.

I woke up on Thanksgiving feeling like I had food poisoning but luckily it didn't amount to much. About 20 minutes after arriving to my MIL's Joshua threw up. We quickly cleaned him up and I rushed him home. While everyone else was eating Thanksgiving dinner Joshua and I to naps. Then Ryan and I switched and I went to see bolt with the family. Not really a family day which made me a little sad.

Then I decided to venture out Friday morning and finish my shopping. On my way to toys r' us I heard on the radio that mervyns is going out of business so I headed over there and scored so big. Everything in the store is 50% of and I got tons of clothes for the kids. Not a lot of christmas presents but some super good deals! Then I went to toys r' us, walked in, discovered the line, debated for... a minute, then went to target and finished my shopping! so now I can say I am done, except for my husband who changes his mind on a daily basis. He is so cute. He says he thinks he likes the idea of presents more then actually having them.

I am so much more excited for Christmas this year then I was last year. I think I was in super grumpy mood the whole season and I am glad to be back to myself and love the joy of the season!!!. Our christmas tree is up and I am anxious to get to make goodies that I can't eat but will have to at least taste! I want to wrap presents and enjoy having school off. I look forward to getting stuff together for the birth of sweet baby Jacob who is so active and wiggly I wonder if that will reflect upon his personalty.