Saturday, April 26, 2008

Madeline Bailey

My first niece was born on the 21st and she is the most wonderful little thing. My brother Chris and his wife Maryann have been married almost as long as I have and they have been unable to have kids. They were all set to try in vitro when one thing after another kept getting in the way, sickness, visitors, sickness. Then they got the wonderful call from Maryann's aunt that she new of a 15 year old girl who was pregnant and due in 6 weeks. They sent the birth mom a letter and picture and flew down to met her and her family. The young girl said, "They are the ones I am carrying this baby for" Everything has run so smoothly for them. They even got to be in the room when the baby was born. The hand of the Lord was over them and I think they can all feel of His goodness.

Her she is weighing in at 8lbs 1oz. I already love her so much.This picture makes me cry. Two hearts finally coming together.
Really, how precious is this? He just look so at peace with her.

I love this famliy of mine

I have felt so sad to not be closer to my brother right now. He has had none of his family to be with him and support him with the birth and adoption of his sweet Maddie. My heart was so full when he told me how wonderful the birth families were to him and MaryAnn. He said they felt like one big family and when things were hard for them (when they had to take the baby from the birth parents and see their grief) these sweet people cried with them and loved them just like we would have done if we were there. I am just so thankful to God for watching out for Chris and helping him in his time of worry and hardship.

I booked a flight for this thursday to go visit with them. Ryan, Josh, and I are on our way to Dallas. The other kids are bummed that they can't come but at 250 a ticket I just can't swing that. I am so excited and I am going to bring my camera and try and get some great shots of my first and maybe only niece. With the distance that separates my family from me I can not help but feel so grateful for the close ties I have with my husbands family. Now that we live so close to them I have felt the bonds develop. I had to decorate for a fund raiser the other night and I just called up my SIL's and they were all willing. When I need help with my children I always have someone to call, When I feel frustrated or sad, again I just pick up the phone. When I need help finding the perfect outfit, just a phone call away. I gave a talk in church last week and I talked about the gifts we all have and I shared the wonderful gifts my sister, SIL's, Mother and MIL have shared with me. They are all different and all needed. I just feel so blessed to have such wonderful family.

With that said... these next pictures show why else I love this family. They had a lip sync contest at their church tonight.
The one in the middle is Ryan's aunt Chris

This is my SIL Sarah. She was so awesome. She rocked out and had me cracking up.

"Ice, ice baby"

Sarah, you look just like Reeghan in this picture, And look how cute my MIL is. She is the one on the far right. No one would guess she has 13 children and 18 grandchildren.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tribute to Sarah

Just a fun picture that makes me smile to start of the post. This is Joshua with Emma laughing in the back. I love them.

This was Sarah's week. First she was baptized and then she got to perform in her first musical. It was little vignettes from Annie and Music Man. Her main part was Marian the librarian from Music Man. Ryan and I were both so impressed with how well she sings and the confidence she personifies. I thought she was on f the best up there. Watching her act out so passionately1 was so much fun. Even when she was in the background and just part of the ensemble she was full throttle. It was great. Sarah has made a lot of wonderful friends and her teacher was so great and gave them such wonderful stage experience. The only bad part? After all the practicing and fun.... it's over.

Here she is with on of her good friends from the show
Sarah is the one in the middle with her mouth open.
Sarah is holding the sheet on the right
You can really see Sarah's haircut here. It is so easy to brush and making life simpler is a big deal for me right now. What a beautiful girl she is becoming.

My budding actress.

Sarah was so excited that she got to wear a head mic. They were real professional.
This was one of her big parts. They were the only three on the stage for this."Gary Indiana."I just love her purple hat and gloves.

Her solo line here, "It could be curtains or dishes"

She is in the front just of to the right

Wow, really? Wow! To quote my SIL Erynne. That is really the only way I know how to describe Saturday. We moved some major things Friday night. That was fun because we got to sleep at the new house. We moved first thing in the morning. I think because we have moved so many times my heart was just not into another move. I didn't pack well and it became more noticeable and painful as the day moved on. A week and a half latter and I still have stuff over there. Taking life one day at a time. Sarah was getting baptized at 5 so I felt a little rushed and stressed.

We decided to have the get together before instead of after and I think this worked out nicely. It allowed me to step away from the chaos of the move and start to unwind to prepare myself for the rest of the spiritual evening. We had planned to have it in the park but the Santa Ana winds were really bad so we had it at my SIL Sarah's house and that was so the opposite of stressful. It was nice to visit. Then I was able to get the kids ready there and meet Ryan and Sarah at the church. When we got there Ryan's uncle was there with his kids. I felt so bad. When we changed plans to have it at the park I didn't call them because I thought they were not coming. Turns out they waited for some time at the park for us. I don't know if I can ever make it up to them.

Through no fault of her own, my MIL was running late to the baptism. It was so wonderful that Sarah was the only one in the whole stake getting baptized, we were able to wait. After waiting 15 minutes and kids were getting restless we decided to sing primary songs and that seemed to be a life saver. 30 minutes late we start the program and I though it went really well. My sister spoke and Tyler my 15 year old BIL spoke. Joshua was a little restless but thanks to an amazing visiting teacher I was able to hear her confirmation and it was wonderful. To hear blessings pronounced upon my children I always feel humbled but a confirmation blessing is just so powerful and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to be this little girls mommy. Why God thought I deserved to have her to love and to love me is something I just may never understand. I felt so full in my heart. Then we sang Sarah's favorite song, I like to look for rainbows. I had a hard time getting through the song because my eyes were filled with tears. Then I look at sweet Sarah and see tears streaming down her face. The joy I could see in her face was all a mother hopes for. These precious moments are what life is about. They carry is through rough days and frustrating moments. I have always wondered how I could bottle them and set them on the counter so that I could see them when life feels hard. That's why we blog right? In hopes that we can remember these moments a little more clearly.
Family pictures crack me up.
To try to get us all looking decent and happy, what fun would that be?
Thank you to all my wonderful family who came to support Sarah in her decision to be baptized. She loves you all so very much.
What a beautiful girl inside and out.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yeah conference

I absolutely love conference and look forward to it. Even considering how hard it is to try to get kids to sit still or to stay quiet for 4 hours a day for 2 days. Ryan is still out of town so I got to try it on my own and I was some what apprehensive. Actually, the thought made me want to cry.
When the conference did start and we individually stood and sustained our dear new prophet such an amazing feeling came over me, I was literally brought to tears. The spirit moved me so strongly and with such conviction that this sweet man is truly the mouth piece for God. To think, I was a part of his sustaining.
I am anxious to hear what he has to say and to find out what his mission for us is. Each prophet seems to have a theme and I wonder how soon we will find out his.
I used to really stress out when my children were noisy and I would not get to hear everything. But last conference I finally learned that you can not take it all in. So I focused on one talk, the one that moved me and I felt was exactly what I needed. Now I recognize that once I hear that one talk, I can reread it over and over again. And at future date when I read through the conference talks I missed part of -because I was helping a child to quiet themselves- I will learn what I am supposed to at the time I am supposed to . This also helps me not feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of knowledge and goodness that we learn.
By the very end today I started to feel upset again with my kids when I realized that I could pause the conference, Yeah Internet, and watch it when they went to bed. It was very cute that Jared and Sarah were upset and made sure I promised them they could finish watching it later also. What sweet kids.
To help break up our day Jared had a baseball game. I feel a nasty head cold coming on so I was not really up for trying to keep the little ones out of trouble for 2 hours while I tried to watch Jared. So we dropped him of and hen ran a few errands. We then parked in the parking lot and watched the game from there while we ate lunch. This lasted until about 30minutes till the game was done. I thought we did rather well. While I was gone Jared got hit in the face with a ball and I think he will have a nice black eye tomorrow. I felt so bad. At his game on Tuesday he got hit in the shoulder and was pretty sore. I wonder if he will want to play again next year?
After our the second session of conference we drove by the house to see if our driveway is yet done. No, not yet. But the good news they have poured another chunk and have set up half the boards to pour the rest. Monday they will finish the prep and Tuesday they will pour. The have been in limp for almost two months being told every week that it will just be 1 more week at most. I am sick of fast food. I have not wanted to do big shopping just to move it all and I have most of my kitchen packed. I am so excited to be out of limbo and be ready to start fresh in our new house.

I have bought a few new things to decorate the house over the past few months. The three boys are all going to share the great room. Joseph sleeps on the floor instead of his toddler bed. I thought if I gave him and Joshua (when Josh is out of the crib) Emma's full size bed and bought her a twin size bed the boys would love it, and I would save money. I am also trying to convince my son to sleep in a bed. When we saw this bedding at target a month ago and he loved it so much I finally bought yesterday.

When I was buying it he was so excited about these lights I couldn't tell him no

And what cowboy room would be complete without these wall decals?

He is such my little cowboy it is fun that he was so thrilled about this. Yeah we are both happy. The funny thing is that Joshua s very big into his cows. He has slept with one for almost a year now. He has several different cows and he goes through phases with which one he wants to sleep with. Right now it is his cute brown one I got from France. I think I will find some cow fabric and make pillows and a valance. How fun!!!!

Jared will have the other half of the room and he wants a football room. I think I am going to make his blanket with matching colors and decorate his side with football stuff. My SIL is giving me a sports dresser that will match perfect.

I have all kinds of ideas for the girls room. I bought there blankets awhile back on clearance at target. Since they are so into flowers I am going to print of some of the pictures I took in France of flowers and make a collage on a big piece of canvas. I need to repaint there bed and I want to add some flower details. I guess it is good we have not been able to get pregnant, otherwise I would not have the energy to do any of this, let alone some of it.

Speaking of babies. My brother Chris and wife MaryAnn are about to adopt a sweet baby girl. They are unsure of her due date and the Dr's tell her she could have the baby between today and the 15th of may. What a crazy waiting game. I am so excited for them. They have been married about 9 years and for them to finally feel the joy of parenthood is so wonderful. I bought a few things for her already, They think they will name her Madeline and call her Maddie. I love it. We considered that name and I am hoping they stick with it.

Here she is as of last week.

The kids tried to convince me to go to the movies but I was not feeling that brave so we decided to buy a movie and have a movie night at home. By the time we got home it was kind of late for my kids. By 7:30 or so Joshua starts walking up the stairs saying "eep" I think he is saying sleep but that seems weird for him to want to go to bed so I dismiss it. Then he comes back with his blankie and again says "eep" Then he grabs my hand and takes me to his bed. That is one tired kid.

One last thing before I go, Emma sat in my lap today as we watched conference and I couldn't help but think what a sweet girl she is. She is so loving and so fun. Sometimes I get after her because she just loves life so much it can be hard to focus. I hope that I can be a better mommy for her. That I can let her true beautiful self shine and not quiet her anymore. I hope she knows how loved she really is.
Her she is looking up from the inside of a submarine.

We were at Reegans dance show yesterday and a lady commented on how pretty she is. Is it wrong to have pride in your children? Yet really I know she is so much more then her pretty face.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I was wondering if anyone could guide me to some good parenting books. I am looking for something that will help me with a good rewards program other then accountable kids. We just need a fresh look at things and a good reward system for helping the kids get there school work/ jobs done with out complaint.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A well balanced meal

Ryan is going out of town tomorrow so we were going to take him to lunch today, just the boys and I because this is the kids one day at school. He forgot about a conference call he had to be on so the boys and I went anyway. We went to this mom and pop mexican food place I love. It was so funny to watch them because they truly are my boys. They both ate so much chips and salsa and when there food was all gone they ate more chips and salsa. I think if chips and salsa were a complete meal the three of us would eat it everyday. Joseph got his own little chip bowl and when I told him he had to finish his food before he got more chips he told me, "Mom, the box wants more chips." Very matter of factly like it made all the sense in the world. Then when it was time to go he got excited at the thought of taking the "box" home so he could put it with his "stuff"

Today... is a good day.