Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now is your time!

Ok, for all of you lurkers out there, now is your time to finally post a comment. I want to here what you all think about the black and white pictures. I want to blow them up to 8x10's and have them displayed. I can't decide if the one of Joseph and me is ok even though his back is to me. He was not really wanting his picture taken that day so it was really the best I could do. I just was unsure because the other kids are all by themselves. I am also wondering if it is ok that my picture is turned the opposite way and if so how would you display all of these pictures with one going the opposite way? Would you use the one of the kids or is it just not that good?
We took these pictures at the park on Saturday. We were actually headed to take them where Ryan's family took their family portrait when Sarah was still a baby but there was a wedding party taking pictures. I was pleased with our location because there was a park for the kids to play at.
I will be expecting all of you to post your input so now is the time!

I think this one needs to be darkened still. It is a work in progress. Jared took this picture. Pretty impressive for an 8 year old.
The kids

I know I am partial but I think this man is so handsome!

I am not super hip on either of these pictures of me. I guess we are all most critical of ourselves. This one seems to close up.
And in this one I am arching my back weird so my stomachs stick out. I guess it could be left over bad posture from pregnancy.

Wow what a week it has already been.

We started homeschooling this week and I love to watch Jared learn. He has such an amazing mind and it is a privilege to teach him. I am blessed to have this time with my children. It is amazing that I have more time with them now that we have started to homeschool. I don't expect to get anything done during school time so I am able to sit with all of them. They have my full attention. So even though their are stressful moments it is so worth it.

This is Jareds science project we did today.
23feet make up his insides. I never thought I would learn so much from homeschooling.

Emma also loves what she calls, "home preschool" She has been my neglected child as far as academics are concerned . I am determined to teach her to read over the next few months. She knows all the sounds of the letters and what they look like. (Thank you Letter Factory) I now just need to teach her how to put them together. Every day she begs to do her work and never wants to stop. I love her thirst for knowledge and think we could all learn a thing or two from her desires. She is such a happy girl. It has been interesting to watch her enter an "off" year. She screams and yells but most of the time she is pretty happy. She loves books and will look at a book over and over again. She will even carry around books that have few pictures because she knows she likes the stories that are in them. When I was tucking them in tonight she was really sad. So I started to tickle her. She reminds me so much of me at that age. She wants so much to be loved and is thrilled to have her mom pay good attention to her. There are times when I will look at her and think how much she looks like me. It is so fun to watch her grow.
Joseph is all boy. Example? He is completely excited when it is time to feed the Dragon and loves when Jared cuts the heads off the meal worms. I am going to experience what it is like to have two little boys close in age and close in mischief.Joseph discovered raspberries today. He had the best time giving them to Joshua and insisted that Ryan and I do it as well. Before today I wondered if Joshua was afraid if Joseph. He would get a look of nervousness every time Joseph came near. But today he was watching him with new eyes. He seem truly curious. He would look where ever Joseph went and would even smile at him. Joseph was helping me change Joshua and Joshua was smiling so big. These two little boys are going to have so much fun together.

This is one of my favorite outfit this cute boy owns. I had to put it on him even
though it doesn't really fit. He is growing so fast. He cooes at you and smiles the biggest smiles. He has started to talk to us and tell us "stories." If you look away from him for very long he starts to fuse to get your attention but is all smiles again when you turn back. He recognizes my voice now and I love it. My most favorite is when he just stares into my eyes. There is nothing more endearing then those little blues eyes staring into mine. It feels as though he is trying to tell me something. Just letting me know he loves me and that I am doing alright by him. What a joy it is to be a Mom!
I bought Joshua a costume yesterday and had to try it on him. I think the kids were almost as excited as I was to see it on him. Joseph wanted to try it on to but it just didn't fit.

Now lets not forget about dear Sarah. I miss her. I feel like I don't get enough time with her. We do walk to school and sometimes ride bikes. It is about a 15 minute walk and it is good to hear her talk about her life. She has made lots of friends but is starting to narrow down who she really likes to play with. I asked her what made these friends more special then the others and she said it was because they have a lot in common. When I asked her what she told me, "We like the same color and we all live close to the school." Oh if only making friends was still that simple.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family fun

Reeghan was over for family home evening the other night. Sarah started to lead them in some exercises. So cute. I love that we live so close to family. Cousins are so fun.

And here is Jared at his first pack meeting. He got a belt and a pine wood derby car. He also fell and banged up his shoulder were he hurt it at the last scouts.

I had a nice date with the girls tonight. I asked them what they wanted to do and they wanted to go to the mall. SO out we went. We stopped at the candy store and bought some of the most expensive candy I have ever bought. $5 for hardly anything, yes, I am aware that I am cheap. We then looked at the Disney store and the girls were in love with the princess costumes. Sarah was super excited because they have the new fairy dolls that go along with the books she has read. We then bought them each their first "real" necklace. I say real because they only have play jewelry and I let them pick out silver ones at Claires, $5 each. So for $15 Sarah said it was the best date ever.

Joshua loves the bath and had the best time. He laughs out loud and splashes all around. One more cute thing about this sweet little happy cheeks, carrying him around in the baby Bjorn is not a task for wimps. He is almost 16lbs and I just don't think my back was ready for that.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Scrappin once more

I was inspired by Shannon to do my first page in a long time. What better page then happy cheeks?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My little Happy Cheeks.

Sarah absolutely loves her new school and has made a friendship club with a make believe club house and all.
I was so relieved when Jared discovered their was no tooth fairy but now I regret that and now I see why my friend Shannon loves the idea of the tooth fairy. Jared keeps trying to tell the girls about the lack of tooth fairy. So Sarah asked me if she is real and I told her that she was. We talked about fairies and how when someone says they don't believe, a fairy might die. It was so fun to play along and I enjoyed the make believe. I will figure this parenting thing out sooner or later, right?
Jared lost another tooth and his mouth is looking pretty empty. His smile looks a little mischievous, in a cute way.

We attended Orchids, Tory's girlfriends baptism on Sunday. It was a very special experience for me. I have not gotten to know her much yet due to the fact that she is so shy. I am sure the language barrier makes it hard as well. At the baptism the people in her Branch talked about her and it was neat to get a closer look into who she is. After the baptism I gave her a hug and just really felt a special spirit from her. I am looking forward to knowing her better.

Jared's baptism is going to be on the 2nd of September and I am so excited for him. What a big step in his life to covenant with the Lord. He has asked me to speak and I am slightly apprehensive. I have not given a talk in so long. I am sure it will be fine though. I just need to prepare in advance so that I don't stress out.

Joshua is getting to be so fun. He gives such big smiles and even cooes at you. He gave Ryan what sounded like a laugh. It was so endearing. He is so chubby looking and I love it.

Emma and I were loving the baby the other day and I called him Fat Cheeks. Emma got mad at me and said, "No Mom, they are Happy cheeks." I have to agree .

When I was looking at the pictures the other day I realized their are no good pictures of Sarah and the baby so I took this one.

What a handsome man I married. I am so blessed to have him work at home so that we get to see him so much.
Since school is so close we get to walk Sarah there. Joseph was in the stroller in the beginning of the walk. We stopped when we were close to home so that Emma could get something out of her shoe. Joseph climbed right out of the buckle and started to push. So Emma got in. It was so cute because he really was not tall enough. He also put on Emma's shoes since he was barefoot. Then he realized that he fit just right in the basket underneath.

I love that he is so smiley.
Sarah and I were snapping the camera away as he was so delighted in us. Look how cute he is. Yep, Happy Cheeks is a much better term.

This picture is great. Joseph saw Joshua doing this in the car the other day and he thought it was so funny. He made the face to show me what Joshua was doing. He just kept laughing and saying, "Ook it mommy, ook it." Ook= look. He sure loves this little guy. One final note, Jared had his first scouts activity this week. They went on a bike ride. When he was gone the phone rang and I felt, "Oh no, Jared's hurt." The call was about something else but shortly afterwards the phone rang again and it was the scout leader. He had fallen off the bike and banged up pretty good. The handlebar went into his chest and left a nice circle bruise. He was all bloody on his shoulder and his side. He thinks it is cool now that he has scabs. When it happened he said he didn't ever want to ride a bike again. I want to get him out their soon so that the fear doesn't grow to big. It is amazing to me how connected we truly are to our children.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Arghh Mateys!

We had Jared's 8th birthday party at Grandma Chapmans. We also celebrated Grandma and Aunt Erynne's B-days. I decided to let him plan his own party this year. This was so much fun for him and way more relaxing for me. He planned the games I just had to put it all together. We had a pirates of the Caribbean party and I think it was a hit.

Singing Happy B-day to the birthday trio.

The kids lined up at the back door to start the treasure hunt. Here we have the cousins Kobe, Cade, Kai, Reeghan, and Ethan was already in the back, and Uncle Travis, we had not found Tim yet, and Aunt Kaylee.

This picture is great. Do you think Tim is having fun yet?

Kobe and Kai looking fierce.

The birthday boy is set to find the loot.

A sweet moment with Jared's Aunt Erynne and Aunt Hope. I think it is tender.
They are watching the kids start the tresure hunt.

Here is Sarah on her first day of school. She had just gotten home from a fun filled day. Does she look happy to you?

Here is my cake. I was proud of it. I love Familyfun.

And here is the best picture of the day. This is my nephew Cade. He really got into character.

I took this picture of Emma when she had been crying. I just thought I would share it because I think she is so cute.

Joshua turned 2 months on Saturday and he now weighs 15lbs. I love our little tubby baby. I will post more on him later. I am being summoned by a not so happy child.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Adding yet another member to our family!

And here he is. Climber!I was surprised to see that everyone wanted to hold him. Except Uncle Tim, he had no interest.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just so cute pics

I love this little scowl. He has gotten to be such a pudge. Those are some kissable cheeks!
And here is our new Kitty (guinea pig)
I held her for the first time tonight. She is so jittery it has been hard to catch her. I waited till the kids were not around so that it was quiet. I don't think she was well taken care of before we had her.

Here is our trip to the beach! I love that we are back home in California.
Joseph was so sad when the water got him. Why are they so cute when they are sad?

Jared is having his birthday party on Saturday and I am hopeful that it we be fun for him. I had him read a bunch of party ideas of the this website. He came up with some great games I now have to prepare everything before then. I am going to try to make this cake. I'll post a picture once it is done. Wish me luck!

A few months ago I promised him a snake but since we have taken several trips to the pet store, he has changed his mind each time, he is now on his way home with a bearded dragon. It is 1&1/2 years old and Ryan says it is super fat and the tank weighs over 100 lbs. We find him in the penny saver for a great deal. The owner is going away to college. Sweet for us. We saved a ton. What have I gotten myself into?