Tuesday, May 29, 2007

burger cake

Simple pleasures

I have been meaning to blog about the simple pleasures in life. When My Best friend Demeree was a teenager she went to a 6 week program out in the desert. No showers, no bed, no stove or microwave. She had to make all her own food and start her own fires. One little tin cup and not much else. Here I am in my air conditioned home, eating fajitas I made in about ten minutes. After I am done I will load my dishwasher and head up stairs to switch the laundry. Then I might read a book on my nice comfy bed and if I get to it I will phone Demeree and tell her how great I think she is.
With all that said I have decided to make a real effort to be grateful for the simple things in life. The things we just get used to and forget how blessed we are.
1. My first simple pleasure, projects. I have started another project and I will take a picture when I am done. A new system for helping the kids stay on task with their jobs without me having to nag. Good luck to me.
2. An organized pantry. Love insta labels.
3. Laundry all done and put away. Yet another new system I have started and it seems to be working great. I have a cabinet just outside the laundry room where I have put a hamper for each child. The clothes come straight from the dry to the baskets. The kids have to put away their clothes before dinner. Yes! It works great!
4. My new cowboy hat. I have wanted a cowboy hat since my freshman year in high school but I have never had the nerve to buy/wear one. When I went shopping with my family the other night I tried one on and, Thank you girls, I got it. And I love it!
5. "Nap time and bedtime and bedtime and nap time. And did I mention I like when the kids sleep. These are a few of my favorite things!" At Time Out For Women one of the singers made up these lyrics and it really cracked me up because some days just really feel like that.
6. Reading to my kids. We are reading Anne Of Green Gables and I just love discussing with them.
7. My family! Both extended and immediate. I love being knit together with so many wonderful people. Like my sister who I have looked ever since I was little and all my sister-in-laws who feel like sisters. They are each beautiful and I love to talk with them. And their husband who love them and help them raise their children. And of course both sets of parents. I look up to them both and I am a better person because of them. and everyone(does that cover it?)

Speaking of simple pleasures... We got to spend the holiday at and with my in laws. We swam and had a BBQ. And then ...what holiday would be complete if we didn't go shopping?

Simple pleasure 8- my new camera. How cool is this picture?
9- watching the kids have a blast with bubbles. Do you remember when that was all it took to be happy?

This is my new nephew Luke. I loved watching him enjoy the bubbles. How great it is to watch the kids take him into the family and embrace him as if he had always been here. Kobe and Cade were loving coming up with creative ways to pop the bubbles. So fun are cousins.
Cade, You are one cool dude.
And here we have officially initiated the first burn of the season.
The first is always the worst right?
Look at you go Sarah. She is trying so hard to figure out how to swim with out
plugging her nose.
What a little cutie. Amy was awesome with her and got her to swim short distances. By the end of the summer she will be a pro!
For all the years I was on swim team I could never float on my back so.. Yeah I am proud of that boy!
This was the first time Joshua had ever gone swimming and he loved it.
No fussing just big smiles.
Simple pleasure 10- Super hottie husband!
And 11- Shopping with the girls. Here is mom with her stash.
Amy and Sarah with theirs and Cade ready to try on his clothes.
Sarah found a $40 gift card.
Allie showing off her great deals.
And last of all
12- Joseph went poop in the potty!!!! This is a happy day!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I am back in for business...For now.

I must start of by saying that Jordin Sparks won American idol and I think I am OK with that. I love Blake Lewis and wanted him to win. But it is OK. I am sure he will make an album and I will buy it.

For mothers day we went to my mother in laws and had dinner. Hope planned the whole thing and it was nice to visit. The best part of Mothers day was getting to talk to my mom. I had been wanting to talk to her about all that has been going on in my life and it was so good. I hope you know how much I appreciate you Mom!

Erynne and I made this for My MIL. It is a family tree with pictures of all her kids and grand kids. It ended up being huge because their are so many of us. I ended up having to use both sides of the paper to fit us all in.

Joseph was sharing his ice cream cone with Skylar. How great are cousins?Travis was helping Sarah make a bracelet
And Todd was helping Kaylee. I thought it was awesome that these boys would be of help.

Just a few park pics because I thought they were so cute.
Joshua loved the slide. He was so excited shaking his legs all about.Joseph made a friend at the park the other day. We play with family so often it was cute to see him make a friend.
The boys went on a Fathers-and-sons camp out with Ryan's dad and some of the uncles. They told me how great it was. Jared got to sleep in a tent, way over rated he tells me. Joseph was happy because they had lots of bugs and rabbits.

While they were gone we had a girl night and day. We went out to dinner with Grandma, Aunt Kaylee and Aunt Erynne. Then we went shopping at the mall where Grandma bought the girls some little trinkets that they were thrilled with. The next day Sarah and Emma went to a birthday party while I washed and cut the guinea pigs hair.. Does anyone want a free guinea pig? Then when they got home we went to Joann's and bought some scrapbook stuff and the girls scrapped away. The had a great time. Very fun to have both boys and girls!

For Mothers day the kids gave me frames that I was to fill with pictures I took of them with my new camera. I love them. I feel like they really capture the essence of who my children are. so here you go...

SarahJaredJared received an award from his school yesterday. It was a high achiever award. Each teacher picks one student who excelled throughout the year and his teacher picked him. We home school through a charter school and meet with a teacher once every 5 weeks. She is there to keep us on track and to help when help is needed. We think she is great and I was so proud of him for working so hard this year!

He refused to smile when he was up there. See that cute smile... We know it's there.

They had treats at the school and I kept giving Joshua cookies to keep him quiet. I normally don't do that but once I started I couldn't stop. He had become such a mess I didn't want to pick him up...they had no napkins. Seriously? Whoever had that job missed the boat.
Last weekend I was blessed to go to Time out For Women with the women in my life, My dear Mother-in-law, My sister-in-laws...Hope, Amy, Sarah, and Erynne. My sister Laura and my sister from another mother Demeree. It was so great but I must say my mom was dearly missed. I think when you get back mom, we will have to do a women's conference week! By the way mom we ran into Sister Norton and her daughter, Sister Hilt (My old seminary teacher), and Natalie Bennet. She is still single, When she told me about her siblings she didn't say anything about any of them being married.?

I learned so much it is hard to even put into words. The overall feeling I came away with was how much our Father in Heaven loves us. He is with us in our times of trial to lift us up and help us through ALL we go through. He heals us... Sometimes we take longer turning to him and allowing him to help but the second we do, truly turn to him, He comforts us. He eases our burdens and helps them to feel light. I don't know how many times I have heard people say, "I don't think I could handle that challenge." Yet when we are going through something very challenging we are given strength. I have watched it in myself as well as those around me. I have been thinking a lot about Emma Smith lately and all that was required of her. Yet she managed to keep a faithful heart and charity to those she knew. Oh to be able to one day embrace this sweet women!
I felt so connected to these women after the weekend was over. Anyone who says something bad about big families never enjoyed the blessings that inevitably come.

Besides all of that good stuff.... We had a blast. We stayed in a hotel about 5 minutes away. I took this picture so that we would for ever after remember Hopes pants as we may never see them again... Heee heee! Oh the things we do as girls when we let lose...

...Eating Ice cream...
...Making jewelry
...Just talking and staying up till when?

I saw Amy looking at her sweet baby and had to capture this moment. This whole weekend was all about what we do as women and this picture seemed to sum it all up for me. We LOVE!
Demeree, Laura and I got to go to the Redlands temple and it was so nice to be there with them. Wow Demeree you sure are tan! We are so cute.
We had a baby shower for Lucas and Asher (Amy and Hope's babies) at my MIL's last week. Look how good they both look. Their babies are only 3 weeks apart. It has been so fun having these sweet boys around.

They got some of the cutest clothes. I was joking with them that someone in the family needs to have twin boys next since they had so many cute matching outfits.
The girls loved that they got to come to the shower!

Two of my SIL's Orchids and Erynne. Orchids sister is the one on the left. She is visiting for a little while.

I have been reading this great book I got at time out for Women. It is called The Ultimate Career. It is all about organizing your life as a mother. It has great organizational tips and I have had fun implementing them. My first order of business was to put labels on my shelves in my pantry. With so many people helping put groceries away I was having a hard time finding the things I needed. Sarah helped me take everything out and figure out the best places for things. It was actually very rewarding. I then organized the kids toys and all the laundry. Now I am planning on redoing my closet and coming up with the best possible system for the kids chores.

One last thing. We were listening to spiritual music in the car the other day and Sarah said,"When I listen to that music I fell like the gosspel is true." What a special girl.

Friday, May 11, 2007

11 months old!

Joshua at 11 months

*He got in three new teeth this month. That makes four on top and three on bottom.
*Still weighs 24 lbs
*Stood on his very own for the first time May 9th At Ilta's
*When you call the kids names he looks for them and yells out.
*He understands that dada means dad. He looks at him when he says it.
*Cruises the furniture constantly. He is not happy staying in one spot for very long.
*Joshua says "Yeah" He seems to say it at the right times.
*He crawls up the stairs and laughs the whole time. I have to follow right behind him because I am still afraid he will fall. When he gets to the top he turns around and giggles. What a cutie.
*Finally he will hold his own cup.
*He has gotten kind of picky about what he eats. He knows what he wants and will yell at you until you figure it out.

Sarah is doing great.

Cute kidisims

Jared and Sarah were talking in the car.

Jared "Did mom do your hair?
Sarah "No Erynne did. I look pretty."
Jared "Who cares about looking pretty?"
Sarah "You only care about beastly things."
Jared "No, but why does it matter what I look like."
Sarah "You want to look nice so you can get a girlfriend."
They both laughed.
Jared "Yeah right"

It was such a funny conversation. They were not being mean to each other. Their tones were actually very nice it just cracked me up to listen to. Already at this age Sarah cares what she looks like and Jared just doesn't see the point.

Sarah had her Surgery yesterday. I do not know the technical term of it even thought they told me a few times. She had the line under her tongue clipped. She had to have five stitches. I was surprised how much they cut. She was super brave and didn't even cry. They said the hardest part for kids is the numbing and she did not even act bothered. She started to cry a little on the way home because the medicine was almost gone and she could feel again. Once we got home she rested while watching a movie and waited for me to get the medicine . She didn't cry at all after that. She was scared to eat dinner and only had a shake for breakfast. She has soccer to day and I am curious how she will do considering she has eaten so little. The only thing is so fascinating to me. I keep wanting her to show me under her tongue. I asked her today is she do taco tongue. Her taco tongue before looked like a spare tire. She was afraid to try. Once she is better I will have to take a picture. She should be all better by the end of the weekend.

Which brings me to my next topic. We are having a girls night tonight. Ryan, Jared, and Joseph are going on the fathers-and-sons camp out tonight. Joseph got himself all ready this morning, he was so excited. I don't think they have decided if they are going to be sleeping in tents or in the car on a blow up mattress. Jared is plugging for the tent. I have not decided what the girls and I are going to do but I really want to make a big deal out of the time we spend together. Maybe we will scrap some of their baby pics, or go shopping, or paint are nails. I will up date on that when I can.

I got a birthday package from my parents all the way from France. I was like a little kid when it came in the mail. My mom sent me cute dish towels with French sayings on them. Mom's are great.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A day at the beach.

We went to the beach and it was kind of cold. The kids were so excited to be at the beach they went in the water anyway. We buried each of the kids in turn. The girls we made into mermaids. Jared was under their and loving it. I love this picture. Joseph trying to be like his daddy. Oh and Yes,
Jareds head is under that bucket! And he did declare that he loved it!
Here are the kids writing letters to their Grandma and Grandpa in French. They love this time! We got postcards from them this week. They loved getting their own letters!