Friday, July 28, 2006

I love my life!

I have spent over four hours at the health center in the past few days. The kids had to have a TB test to register for school and apparently it came out positive. So we then had to wait at the health imaging center for 2 and a half hours to get a chest x-ray that won't come back for a few days. They can't register until they get a negative result. The schools here are so full that it is based on a first come first serve basis. So even though the school is just up the street they will now most likely that the kids will be shipped to some other school in the district. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that God is over all and maybe the kids would have a better experience in a different school. I am worried about them and wondering if the rest of us have TB in our systems. I don't really know enough about it yet to feel very educated. I am sure everything will be fine.

Joshua is growing like a weed. He weighs 13 lbs already and is 24 1/2 inches long. No wonder my shoulder hurts. I always thought that my babies were fat because I feed them to much but Joshua is on a pretty good schedule. He eats every three hours for 30 minutes. At night he will sometimes go longer. So I guess I just make cream. He started out so skinny I was surprised to see him get fat so fast.

He smiled at me the other night. I was talking to him and smiling then he started to smile back. He kept doing it in response to me. It made my heart sing. Then today Sarah was smiling at him and he did the same thing. He is so delightful.

Joseph keeps taking off his diaper and sitting on the potty so I finally broke down and bought him a potty chair and underwear. We got home and set up his potty. He was so excited. So we put on the unders and I was waiting for him to pee is pants so he would know what it felt like. As we were eating lunch he had an accident and didn't even say anything. That was a bummer. I am hopeful that it will be easier this time around since we have waited so long. We'll see.

Tonight we are taking the kids to the beach. We are going to have a picnic, as Sarah says. It has been a cooler day so I am hopeful that it won't be too hot for the baby.


The beach was so awesome. We had a nice dinner of tuna burgers and chips. Then the kids played in the sand and the water. Joseph did not like the water and cried when the tide came in a little to fast and got him wet. He stayed far away the rest of the time. He kept running and pointing at the water. The older kids loved the water and wanted to go all the way in.

We got a gerbal the other day. It was totally free. The cage, food, treats, hay and vitamins. He is long haired and he looks like a mini dog. Emma says he looks like the dog max from little mermaid so she named her Ariel. She is afraid of the kids and jumps if you try to touch her. Hopefully she will get used to us soon. Joseph calls her Kitty and shows her everything he has. He was reading to her this morning.

We got the chest X-ray back and the kids do not have the disease just the virus or infection. Which translates to mean they have it but can not give it to anyone unless it becomes active. In order to prevent it from ever becoming active they have to take this medicine for nine months. The medicine reacts strangely to a ton of foods like cheese, fish, and avocados. There were a bunch more but those are the only ones I remember because we eat those often. We will wait until we get back from St. George to start the treatments and through trial and error we will figure out what foods affect them.

Sarah is finally registered for school and it looks like they had so many 1st graders that they will be making another class. So she gets to stay at the school by us. I am so glad I didn't over stress it like I could have. Everything always works out. Jared decided it was best for him to be homeschooled. Actually it is a charter school that helps with planning and fieldtrips and extra activities. We will met with the teacher about once a month to go over all his work and get help if we need it. The also have monthly carnivals or other big activities and every Friday they have labs or special classes he can go to. I think it will be fun for the both of us. I might enroll Emma also but I have not decided yet. She makes the deadline but she still seems so young.

I let the kids make it a matter of prayer weather they should go to school or be homeschooled. As I prayed about it I had such a peaceful feeling that they would get there own answers and that their answers would be right. We had neat tender moments as we knelt in prayer together. First I prayed with Jared and he said he felt instant peace for he knew that he would get an answer. He told me it was ok for me to cry. So naturally I then started to tear up. I expressed how tender it is for a mom to get a glimpse of how much Heavenly Father loves him. I then testified to him how special he is in our Fathers sights and we then enjoyed a wonderful embrace. He first prayed to know if it was right to go to school and as the next day past he came up to me and told me he didn't feel like that was right.

Sarah and I knelt in prayer as well. She was in kind of a goofy mood so I don't think her prayer was very sincere. The next morning she asked If I got an answer and I told her I hadn't really thought about it much. She said. "Yeah me either" She understood that she had to put forth effort before she could be ready to receive an answer.

We had a family home evening lesson where we talked about prayed and how to receive answers. We explained to them that we had to study it out in our minds first then we would know if it was right because our heart and our minds would be one. We then wrote out all the pros and cons for each and then they decided what it was they felt was right. We then again knelt one on one in prayer. Jared knew right away and went to bed feeling at peace.

Sarah on the other hand had a different experience. After her prayer she got very sad and so I just held her as she cried. It was not a wailing kind of cry just a very real sad cry. I asked her what was the matter and she said she didn't know. After awhile of just holding her the baby started to cry so I left her alone for a moment. When I came back she said she was scared because she wouldn't know anyone. We talked it over and she asked if Ryan would say a special prayer with her. After he did she felt at peace. Shortly afterwards she ran up to me with joy on her face and said, "I got my answer! I get to go to school." You could see it in her face and energy that she had received an answer from God. How special for her to have that experience. Sometimes it seems God lets us have those discouraging moments so that we will turn to him then our joy and happiness is all the sweeter. I am so blessed to have these special spiritual children who teach me so much.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My run.

I have been so excited to be able to go running. I walked on Friday and I felt winded quickly. I know it just takes time and I am excited that the process has began. Yesterday and decided that I would run for 10 minutes. I started with a brisk walk, then started on my little run. The first few steps I felt like I had lead in my feet. Even my shorts felt heavy. I decided to persists remembering that the first little bit is always hard. It did get easier and I ran a full mile. Not bad for taking so much time off.

I have this little trick I do to get through a hard run. I set up markers in my mind that I will run to, like a light post or a street sign. I do this thinking, "Ok, I will run just to that point, I can do that. Then I will stop." Usually, I can keep running beyond that point but I give myself the option of stopping if I feel like I need to. See, I have give up points when I run. Points where I feel like I can't run any more. But usually these give up points do not coincide with my markers so I am able to run farther then I originally thought I could.

Like yesterday, for example, I first said I would run for ten minutes but then when I got started I felt like there was no way I would be able to do that so I then said two songs. I can run for two songs. When those two songs were up I felt I could run still so I then said to myself, one more song. After that I was so close to ten minutes that I decided I would go the full ten minutes. Then I saw the end of the road and I figured I could go that far. Then at that point I was done and I walked the rest of the way home. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. I think that is why running is addictive.

Anyway, as I thought about this I realized that life is much the same way. When we think of the overall goal sometimes we feel overwhelmed and wonder how we are going to make it, whether it be 5 small children or simply a big project like moving. But when you break it down in to small chunks it then becomes easy and manageable. You are then willing to try something you once thought incomprehensible.

On cute note.

Sarah wanted to help burp Joshua yesterday. While I was holding him he burped really good for her and then spit up all over the floor. She got really excited and said, "I got the special prize." What a crack up she is.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The beginning of a new chapter

I know, I am so far behind with everything that has happened in the past month. I will try to update just a little and hopefully from now on I can stay more on top of things.

We are moved in, well mostly. I love the house Ryan picked out and the neighborhood is great. When the kids and I walked to the park on Monday I felt like we had come home. It was a very peaceful feeling and I was glad for it. They have the best park just up the street from us and the school is just around the corner. I am still not sure what I am going to do about school but I am not really ready to think about that yet. One thing at a time.
I have most of the necessary boxes unpacked and I still have a garage half full of stuff. I imagine I am going to be furnishing the local thrift store with the things we don't or won't use any more.

There are so many stores and restaurants. I have 4 grocery stores within 5 miles. And I found the best natures market I have ever seen. Complete with deli and bakery. This is very exciting to the vegan I have become.

People here are so friendly and it feels like a very family oriented place. Every one does look at me crazy because I have 5 children. I am getting used to that and I just shrug it off. I am still not sure why people feel it is there business to talk to me so bluntly about how many children I have. To each his own, right?

I will try to share some moments of the past several weeks.

Our new home
Jared takes another picture. What cute boys I have.
Can you tell by my eyes how sleep deprived I am?

See the beautiful sunlight shining on Joseph? Yeah, no blinds still and it
was 112 a few days ago.
I thought we left the heat behind in St. George?

Jared loves being a big brother.
He is so cute to watch when sleeping.

So, you may ask what this is? We chopped of all of Jareds hair. He has been asking to get it cut and I told him once we got to California. Well there it is. All of his hair. I think I prefer it longer but not as long as it had gotten.
And here he is, no hair.

She thinks she is big enough to rock him. It still makes me a little nervous.

I was unpacking all of the bathroom stuff the other day. There was a lot of stuff that just needed to be thrown out. I made a pile while I finished arranging the rest of the stuff. Then Joseph found me and played for about an hour with my trash pile. If only I new how easy it was to entertain.

Joseph loves Joshua to death! He hugs him every chance he gets. Joshua doesn't seem to mind to much. I guess it is good for Joshua to get used to being pinned by his big brother.

The kids and I stayed at my parents house on the way to our new home. We had such a nice visit and I felt so proud to have them as my mom and dad. Laura and her family visited with us while we were there and it was a nice break before we got here to the new home and where we have had a little dose of chaos every day.Sweet moments are forever cherished.

I want to bottle this moment in time.

Joseph was helping Grandpa prepare his talk for church.
"I think that part would go nicely at the end"

The kids with there cousin Zach. Emma really enjoys Playing with him.

On the 4th of July Ryan's brother Trent and his family came to help us pack. They were amazing. There is no way we would have been able to do it with out there help. Early in the day Ryan took the kids to the park with his brother Trent and there daughter Reeghan. They had the best time at the carnival. Then that evening we went to watch the city fireworks. We had let the kids go to bed and then woke them up when it was time to go. They were not so happy about being woken up but I think all things considered they had a good time. Joseph was not sure at first but by the end he was much more comfortable.

Ryan took some really good close ups of the kids. I was sad that I couldn't be with them to enjoy the fun of the day.

Riding the rides. Life is good. It was so hot that day. I bet it felt good to feel the breeze.

The kids enjoyed some mini popsicles. They are so small that the kids can't make to much of a mess before they are gone.
Watching the fireworks from outside the movie theater.

Our new park

Jared has discovered that he likes to take pictures. So here I am with Joshua. on our way to the park. The baby Bjorn is great. I was able to swing with the kids and push Joseph on the swing.

We all loved the swing.

Walking home was so fun. The kids walked in the water and enjoyed the warm summer morning.

Jared has become an expert monkey. He was proud of himself. It is so fun to watch them learn something new and then to see the satisfaction on there face to show it to you.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

This weeks excitement

Joshua is growing like a weed. His little face is getting pudgy and his little skinning legs are filling out. We took him to the Dr.'s on Monday and he is now 8 lbs 3 ozs and 21 and 3/4 inches long. I am sure he weighs more now. The Dr. said he looks great except that he has a little bit of bacteria on his tongue, Otherwise known as Thrush. Is is so minor he told me to simply give him yogurt. It was hilarious to watch him eat it. Ryan put some into a medicine dropper and would give him little squirts at a time. Very funny!! He never even woke up. He would pull this face, gag, then yawn. It was comic relief for sure. His cord fell off this week. I love when that happens. A few days before it fell off it caught on his diaper and got all bloody. I hate worrying about that. The night it fell off he was real sad I couldn't figure out why. For a little guy who doesn't really cry it was a big deal. Other then hat I think he has his schedule down. He eats every three hours. Every once and awhile, at night, he will sleep for five hours. I celebrate those moments and enjoy having one long rest period.

We have one more week until our move. Kind of crazy. My great friend Demeree came over last night and helped us pack all our frames. Ryan is amazingly organized and has been packing away. Still there is a lot left to be done. My wonderful sister and brother in law, Sarah and Trent, are coming tomorrow to help us pack. Then on Saturday my awesome sister Laura and her family are coming to help Ryan pack the moving truck. I am going to stay with my mom from Saturday until Monday. Then Laura is going to drive with me down to California. I felt like the drive would be hard by myself with a newborn. What would I do if I had to go to the bathroom? Then the week after we move in Erynne, Ryan's super sister, is going to come stay with us and help us get settled. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people around to help out. I think I could be really stressed out but I don't really see the need. I am so looked after. I just really feel My Father in Heavens love for me and my family. I have such a wonderful, beautiful family, both immediate and extended. I hope every mom feels as luck and blessed as I do.

That's my boy!

This boy sure is loved.

Yeah, I know I'm cute.

Yesterday when Demeree and her kids came over she brought a slip and slide for the kids. They had a blast. After everyone came in and got dried off Joseph snuck outside. The kids run in to tell me he took off his diaper. So I went outside to get him and he ran away laughing. He had us all rolling with laughter. That's my little nature boy.

I love when he stretches and arches his back.