Friday, August 31, 2007

Chapman family funness!

We had our monthly Chapman Birthday party at the park tonight. It seems weird that we can live so close and yet sometimes we only see each other at these events. I never really new my Grandparents let alone my Great-grandparents. We love that they can come to these functions as well. And it is so great that Melissa and her family come. I just love Aunt Melissa. She seems more like a sister than an aunt. I had a great time taking pictures and then playing with them when I got home.

We are so blessed to have such a close family. Jared really enjoyed Kobe's bike. I guess target bikes just aren't good enough anymore.The picture says it all. Hottie Hubby.

My niece Reeghan. She loved the water. I think the kids said something to the effect that she owned it.

Sarah being her independent self.

Cousins are the best! Reeghan, Cade, and Emma are talking some serious business.

I just really love this man and think the world of him. He is always so helpful with the kids when we are at functions like this. No wonder our kids are so dang cute!
Joseph loves his picture taken... when it is his idea.

They touched my heart tonight. There is just something so precious about a GG's helping hand.

This is my cute arghhh I mean handsome nephew Cade. I asked him if it was hard to be so cute and he said, "Well, yeah."

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have this habit....

... of becoming obsessive about new things I love. Everywhere I go now I wonder what pictures I can take and what would be the best angles and coloring. I am going to take pictures of my nieces and nephews as they let me so I can practice more. I really want to practice on an engaged couple or newly married couple. I would love to some day take pictures for people and be a real photographer. Hey... now I know what I want to be when I grow up. What spun this desire? When my kids started to take professional photos I was always disappointed. To much hype. I have been playing at taking pic's myself for a few years but now I want to really learn so that I can take good candid pictures for my family and those around me. Is that to much to ask? I am not sure.

Tonight Ryan helped me learn a little more about photo shop so that I could enhance my pictures even more.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is why I home school

On Wednesday I was writing out the schedule for the kids school work. They noticed that I had written no school on Monday. Jared then,"Why don't we go to Sea world today when no one will be there and they do today's work on Monday." How could I argue with that? So we packed a lunch and were off. Instead of carrying or lunches around I suggested we eat before we go into the park. The kids were so excited they couldn't eat. Not two minutes into the park and we stop for a potty break and instantly the kids realize they are hungry. It was actually very funny to watch this scene. The birds were attacking us, OK not really... they just were very daring and got awfully close. Joseph did not like them and climbed up on his chair. Jared and Sarah tried to chase them off while the rest of us just laughed. Then as we were finishing I picked up Joseph, because he was scared to walk were the birds were, and he got the biggest grin and with delight in his voice said to the birds, "naa nee naa nee" (Insert raspberry sound here) We laughed the whole day over this one. We let him be in charge of what we did the whole day. He loved it.

I played with these pictures in photoshop.
Emma's such a little cutie

My Jared does not seem so small any more. The whole day he wanted to walk by himself or go somewhere by himself. I don't know if I am ever going to not worry about him.

I put an overlay on this one. I am not sure if I like it but it reminds me of an old photo like the ones we had when we were kids. Technology really has advanced the photography world.

The other day Joseph caught a spider. I thought it was a dead one, because that is normal for him to bring me dead insects (thanks pest control) He put it in a cup and brought it to me. When I looked inside I jumped back and screamed. Then the spider started to climb out onto Joseph's hand. I backed up and the girls freaked out. Jared calmly took it outside while the rest of us laughed, a lot. Well almost the rest of us. Sarah was crying. Joseph saw this and trying to cheer her up said, "The spider doesn't hurt it tickles." In response we all laughed even harder.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Funny funny lady!

I got the best e-mail the other day. I am sure most people reading this have already seen it but I have to post it here for anyone who might not have. I had stayed up way to late Thursday night because Ryan was working late with his brother and I was not looking forward to going to bed alone. SO I checked my e-mail and read the funniest e-mail ever. I laughed so hard I was crying. Then come to find out the lady has a blog. I had to check that out. Entry after entry I am cracking up. I think it is so funny to me because much of what she said I can relate to in some way.
For her ebay listing click here
This is another one I found that is not as well known but very funny
It is lengthy but sooooo worth it.
For her blog click here

First week of school

The kids enjoyed there first week of school. The first day was kind of stress filled for me. One thing I have learned about myself over the years is how much I like schedules and being prepared. So when we had Joshua's hospital stay I was not able to devote those two weeks (which I had planned on doing) to writing out a game plan for school. I already had all my books and a basic idea but nothing written out. So the very first day I was making things up as I went along. That night I stayed up way late but I at least got a weeks worth of planning written down. The rest of the week went well. I am amazed at how quickly Emma is picking things up. She already has a list of sight words she knows and all of the sudden reading has become easy for her. She doesn't like the fact that she still has to sound out words. Which is actually great because she is so motivated to memorize words.

Jared and Sarah have picked up really well. They both work hard to get done. right away I can see major strengths and areas to work on. I think this year will be a great year.
Joseph keeps talking about going to school and was really mad that the first day of school was simply at home and that we didn't actually "go" to school. This year is a little different in that the kids will go to school every Tuesday from 8-2. They are all excited about that and I think the boys will love that special time with me.

I let Joseph take pictues to help keep him busy while I was trying to teach Emma. Hey...Whatever works.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Here is a tribute to starting new things and finding joy amid trials

For a night of relaxation and rejuvenation after our crazy few weeks Ryan and I went on a date to the beach. We took pictures and learned that we both love picture taking and editing. It is so great to find a hobby we can do together. My favorite picture is one that he took.

I love all of the colors in this one
The sunset was perfect.

We are celebrating our ten year anniversary in a couple of months. I wanted a fun picture of us to put up in our room.

A random picture I took of Joshua the other day. It just touched my heart so I threw it with the other pics

I love this picture. I want to go back another time and get the stairs with no people on the beach. I bet early morning would be best.

Another of my favorites

I wanted to take a close up of this fisherman but I didn't have the guts to ask him. He was an old Japanese man. He just looked so classic.

How cool is this Crab
Ryan took this one
He is such a cutie!

And this is the one that is my most favorite!!!

These alcoves were everywhere. Most of them were covered with crabs.

I felt in awe of Heavenly Father and the variances in His creations.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My new hobby I want to get into....Photography

My SIL Sarah sent me to this blog today. I love her photography. I feel so inspired to take good pictures. I am hoping to learn how to use my camera so that I to will be able to be awesome at picture taking.

Happy Ninth Birthday!

My Boy is 9. I am the mother of a nine year old.

Jared is
*My not so little, little boy
*So good with his little brothers
*Agressive on the field and fun loving at home
*Lover of good books
*Nintendo player
*Fun loving big brother (according to Sarah)
*Best fun brother (according to Emma)
*Mom's helper
*Dad's pal
Basically what I am trying to say is that we love this kid!
This is how jared spent most of his day.

I had visions of the coolest cake. But he wanted a football cake. With all that had gone on this past week I was feeling uninspired so I made this cake.

The kids responded with a wow. That's so awsome!

Dedication to Highscool Musical 2

The kids watched Highschool Musical right before we moved. They loved it. The girls have been singing the songs and also got Kaylee into it. So tonight they are going to Grandma's to watch the new one. Party! In the movie the jump up like this so Sarah wanted me to get a pic with them doing it.

My baby cyclopes.

Ok so he doesn't look like cyclopes anymore but he did when his eye was swollen. Look how great he looks.

Update on my little Joshua. He decided on Tuesday to stop breathing and turn blue. Ryan and I decided to respond by freaking out. (I can laugh at us now that it's all over.) After a fun afternoon ambulance ride and another hospital stay we have no idea why he decided to do that. The night he got home he broke out with a fever of 102 and then the next day a weird rash covered his body. I called our pediatrician and she told me to do what? Yes we went back to the ER. Gratefully my MIL Kelly came with me so I was not totally crazy from hospital boredom. And we left with no clue as to why he had a temperature or the rash. So my last two weeks have been filled with Hospital's and Dr's. And yet somehow I have managed to feel peaceful throughout all this craziness. My family has been great. Sarah did my laundry and helped watch my children. Amy brought me yummy food that lasted for days and helped watch my kids and even let Sarah make cupcakes. Hope cleaned my house (note to self cleaning someones house is one of the biggest ways you can help someone who is going through a trauma) My MIL watched my kids even though she had surgery herself not that long ago. How do you thank people who invoke in you such gratitude words can not explain???

Sunday, August 12, 2007

All is well in the Chapman House Today!!

We are getting our rest now and back on schedule. I LOVE my schedules. This next week I will prepare to start school. Emma is super excited and asks on a daily basis if we can do school yet.

Update Pics on Joshua.

This is Joshua on Thursday.

And here he is this morning. He could open his eye even more tonight, more then half way. You can see in the corner of his eye where it is all red. The Dr. Said it should be red for a couple of weeks. That is from the surgery.

It was so nice to spend time getting ready for church today. After being in the hospital for a week and only showering twice it felt good to get done up.

I also curled Emma's hair which was fun.

I have such good looking fun loving kids. I am not sure what Emma was doing with her smile here?

What a little cutie. It seems like he grew up while I was gone. It was only a week but he expresses himself so well now.

Here is my Hottie Husband making the kids lunch today. What a great man I have been fortunate to be married to. He was so awesome throughout this whole ordeal. He has been giving the baby his medicine in the middle of the night (it takes 2 hours to administer it through the IV) and he has been letting me sleep in. I did not sleep well the whole week and he has been so understanding of that. Kisses to you Ryan!