Friday, June 29, 2007

Quick little note

We were watching Bear in the Big Blue house in the car tonight and Jared said, "I don't like this show. It has no conflict." I laughed and he said in a matter of fact voice, "I took videography Mom."

Another funny thing I had to note is that Joseph is always holding up the back of his pants so that they don't fall down. It cracks us up to watch him run trying to keep his pants on.

We went to a pool party at the neighbors the other day and once we got home Ryan, Sarah, and I were talking. Sarah said, "Mom, isn't it great to be alive?" I love children's excitement for life!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Jared caught this all on his own. It was huge!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick note. When I got Josephs picture taken the other day they loved it so much they had me sign a waiver. They are going to print his picture and put it on their wall. By the way The Picture People have finally figured out how to take pictures. For 9 years our kids have been getting pictures taken at places like this and I have never been happier!!!!

This is the one they are going to put up in their store.

Funness for the mom.

I have felt very crafty lately. I started by making the mothers day gift for my MIL with Erynne. Then we made canvas art for my SIL's. (No picture yet) I guess I got so into it I then made teacher gifts for my kids and for My in-laws teachers.For father's day I made a survival kit for dad for my FIL that I don't have a picture of.

And my sister and I made this for my Mom and Dad.

This is a sample page. We made over 20 and had a blast ignoring life for a minute.
Then for our family BBQ I made these candy hamburgers and hot dogs. Once again...Thank you

I think creating things helps me feel happy. I am now in the process of creating my house. I was organizing to stay here now I am organizing for our move... Shocking I know... but we are moving again. Just to my in-laws Trent and Sarah's. We will rent out their old house while we wait for our new house to be built. Good luck to me on my first move in 8 years without a new born. This should be the best move ever. Lets hope at least.

Joshua is 1!

I can't even believe that my little boy is one. This year has gone by so fast.

*Joshua now weighs 26lbs and is 31 inches long.
*He loves to sing. His most favorite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Ryan sings it to him before bed and Joshua will twinkle his fingers. Very precious.
*He answers you when you ask him questions. Most of the time his gabber really sounds like words. It makes us laugh. He does say "yeah, yeah" for yes and he has made up his own sign for drink. He screams for please...we are working on that one. On a side note... I was reading Josephs baby book and his first word was no. I think we have mellowed out with Joshua. Mostly we just laugh at the two little boys and their interactions. They will be playing together and Joshua will start to fuss. Joseph will say, "Ohh, here you go baby. Don't cry." He usually starts to clap or he hands him a toy. These boys are great!
*Joshua thinks he is big enough for a fork and spoon. He loves it when I give him yogurt with the spoon. He can't really use it but he tries then he ends up just sticking his hand in the cup and sucking his fingers clean. We love it!
*He is still not walking but has taken a few steps on his own. Usually when he is not paying attention. The other day when we were in the pool at my in-laws he was walking along the edge holding the side of the pool. He let go and took 3 steps. That is the most he had done before. And in the pool?
*We got his picture taken the other day. This was before I found out about the ear infection so he was not really up for it. But the pic turned out so cute.

*He is just now recovering from the worst ear infection any of my children have ever had. He was fussy but he was not bad. When I went to visit my sister you could tell something was wrong but I thought it was just being out of his routine. Well a few days later massive amount of puss came out of his ears. Turns out once the puss comes out it is a sign that things are improving.
*Joshua loves his food. He was so excited on his b-day to get cake. I started to bring him his little lego cake but then thought I should take his shirt off. As I started to walk away he screamed. The cake had a little donut on top and he loved it. The boy loves his breads. We took him to the store to pick out his presents. The kids would show him a toy and if it kept his interest for very long we put it in the cart to think about. Then the kids would show him two things and let him pick. It was kind of fun. Since we have had 5 children I now understand that toys are so fun the first few days and very rarely do you hit on something that they play with on a daily basis. Well this was one of those fortunate times. Joshua got an activity center, basically a little table with toys on top. He climbs over to it often just to check it out. Thanks mom and dad for the gift card that bought him that.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Simple lovliness

Quick little funny story. Emma said to me today, "Mom do you go to college?" After answering no she said, "Oh, Cause someone told me 'Your mom goes to college.' " She even said it Napoleon Dynamite like.

I made the yummiest dinner tonight. One of the things we had was artichoke hearts dipped in hummus. I did no think the baby would like the artichokes so I didn't even try. I did give him the hummus and he ate that by the handfuls. Then he was fussing so Ryan gave him a bite of the artichoke and he loved it. We had to keep giving him new leaves to bite. Very cute little boy I have. Who would have thought a one year old would eat artichokes and hummus???