Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wrapping paper fun and potty training

Sometimes I remember when I only had one child. I was much more strict with my children and I think there was a lot I didn't let them do. I feel one of the blessings of having a larger family is that as a parent you learn to relax a little and hopefully enjoy a little more.

My first reaction when I heard that Jacob had gotten into a very large roll of wrapping paper was to laugh. The older kids wanted to get after him but once they saw my response they joined in. They unrolled it and made it into a snow man carpet. They danced and laughed and enjoyed each other. I am reminding myself about this tonight because it feels as though they have been fighting all day.

For some reason I think my little man running around in his buzz unders is so cute. Thursday we bought him his own lighting mcqueen potty that vrooms when you flush, new unders, and treats. I taped a ton of baggies to the back of the bathroom door. Each baggie has things like 2 m&m's, a starburst, a few stickers etc. Whenever he goes in the potty he gets a treat. So far he is doing pretty good. Of course he has had a few accidents but that is what I am expecting so again yay for being the 6th child. I am way more relaxed about the whole thing.

I think it helps that he is so stinking cute! Look at that face!


We were blessed to go to the funeral of Joey. I am always amazed how LDS funerals manage to uplift and bring peace. Sometimes my heart feels so full I can't seem to find words to explain how I feel. Tonight seems to be one of those moments. So instead I will leave you with these sweet pictures of Joey's brothers with my nephews.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hope among sorrow

Today is one of those days were sadness fills me to my very core and I am not sure how to even come to grips. A couple days ago I got reading a blog, about some one I did not even know. The mom died in child birth leaving behind 3 children plus the baby who only lived a very short time. The post was written by the husband. Tears poured because I could not imagine how I or Ryan would try to pick up the pieces and go on after such a devastating lose.

Today at lunch Ryan and I got to talking about the "what-if's" But it is still so hard to comprehend, the thought of losing anyone that you love. And then it happens.

Shortly after Ryan went back to work he called me with news that a family member had committed suicide. My first thoughts were numbness and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. My empathy instantly went to the persons mother. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of love for her and prayers have gone through my mind all day. Then I think about his father, his siblings, his family, his friends. All are left to try and cope without him. Where is comfort to be found?

In times of sadness like this, the overwhelming kind, the only answer can come through our Savior. Does that me know one will feel sadness? Of course not. But the hope is that through Him, at first, the pain can be slightly less. That through Him there is hope to be found. That while sadness is all one can feel there is hope that one day light will come again. That one day a person begans to notice the pain a little less and the brightness and warmth a little more. That as we turn to Him in our sorrow we find someone who understands when no one else can and in a one only He can.

So tonight as my Joshua screams during prayers and the older kids fight I thank my Father in Heaven for children who grace my home with chaos and noise and laughter and joy. I hold them a little tighter and I try to turn my own sorrow into hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Best cake ever

Today I decided to turn my project 365 blog from last year into my cake adventure blog. I just barely posted a recipe I tried tonight that was to die for. Lemon coconut cake with lemon curd filling and coconut cream frosting. The blog address is

Sunday, May 08, 2011

What a wonderful mothers day it has been so far. The kids and Ryan made me blueberry waffles with strawberries on top and a smoothie and served it to me in bed. The kids all drew me wonderful pictures (star wars naturally) and wrote me sweet notes. (one even says your a mom worth fighting for) I am grateful for these sweet precious people Heavenly Father blessed me with. I am not sure why I got so lucky but lucky I sure am!

Make it a great day,