Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where have I been

I have been spending my time on the computer playing with pictures our doing my calling. Other then that I just don't have much computer free time. So here are a few pictures I have taken while trying to learn about my camera. I have also taken a bunch for my family. I have posted a few on delightedphotography.blogspot.com.

I think of things all the time I want to write. Like yesterday when Joseph told me to eat another baby vitamin so that we could have three babies. Baby Joshua, Baby Jacob, and another baby. I don't think vitamins are all that are needed for that one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ramblings on a Wednesday

I can't believe I am posting again so soon. Yeah me! I have a moment because the older three are in school and the little boys are watching cailou off of netflix. We finally got a tv that works from my brother-in-law. I priced TV's the other day and was shocked by how expensive they are now. They don't even make cheap tube TV's anymore. Score for my husband because we know have a big screen and the computer hooks up to it so I can now watch my internet shows on a real tv. Who knew?

Ok not the reason I was posting. Because it is just the little boys and I today we dropped the kids off and went straight to run errands. Target is the best place to shop at 8 in the morning. Then I realized I was starving so we sat in at Jamba Juice and got a smoothie and bagel to share. The music was kinda 90's retro and Joseph said to me,"Mom this sounds like he is chewing gum." This kid cracks me up because he is always thinking outside of the box. I hope he never loses his individualistic thinking. It is endearing. When it was time to go Joshua got so mad at me because he wanted to hold the smoothie. I got him buckled then walked around the car and sat down. Then something flies by me and my once screaming child gets quiet. "What was that?" Then he, with tears still on his cheek, throws another small piece of bagel and starts to laugh hysterically. I cracked up. He turned his anger in to constructive play. That's a good thing, even if it does mean I now have to clean up small pieces of bagel out of my car. It was a good start to the day.

Then we head over to the book store where there works the best book lady ever. She has a website where she reviews kids books books4kids.com The reason I love this lady is because she know about every single book in the store. Se call tell you the author and give you a review. Want a book for your child's reading level and interest she has 10 suggestions. My kids love her because she is so good at putting together your ability with your likes. While in the store Jared calls and he has forgot his lunch, which means no nap for Joshua before karate. I am hoping he does ok??? On the way to get Jared's lunch I get pulled over. I guess I crossed double yellow lines to get into the turning lane and that is a moving violation. He was nice and only gave me a fix it ticket for my back light that is broke, It broke when my tire blew out on the freeway. SO no big deal.

We have had a mellow morning/early afternoon. I also have been doing laundry non-stop since last night because I once again have a dryer. I forgot how wonderful having a dryer is. It makes me happy! Now off to their first Karate lesson. I am very curious how they are going to get my 2 year old to learn karate.

And a random picture just because I can and I have no idea why it is underlining my statement.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Quick update

Why is my life so busy you ask? School has started and I am actually loving it. I am finally schooling the way i have always wanted. It requires more of me but I feel my kids are getting a superior learning, at least until Jacob arrives. Which leads me to my next topic. We have arrived on a name for our sweet baby boy, Jacob Hyrum. I love it. The kids all helped in picking out his name. They all love Jacob. Hyrum is a favorite from everyone but Joseph. He told me to change it. But has since decided that Hyrum is a suitable middle name.

I moved the kids rooms all around last week. Joshua has been waking everyone up at 6 in the morning. The older kids were not so happy about this. He was laying in their beds yelling at them to play with him. He would run around in his room (the three boys were sharing) until he literally crashed. We would find him in the weirdest places. One night I got worried when I could not find him. He ended up being tucked right up against Jareds dresser. It is a little dark corner of the room. Silly boy.

I decided to take away the toy room and make it baby Jacob's and Joshua's (Josh will only will be there till he learns to sleep better) Since Josh was still taking naps in his crib, even though he could climb out, I moved it into their new room along with a toddler bed we had in the attic. He only slept in the crib for naps so I thought he would be excited to have his own bed. For the first couple of days this seemed to work but now he keeps climbing in it. Funny the things they get into their heads.

While speaking of Josua. He speaks so good now. He seems to be very good at communicating his thought. He was watching Legacy with his Uncle Tyler yesterday and he would consistently tell him the different emotions of the movie, sad, happy. What two year old does this? He has a need and ability to be heard and I am excited to see how he uses this in his life. Sarah is much the same way but being a girl I imagine they will use this gift differently. He loves to sing and sings often. We love it and encourage it.

The little boys are signed up to start preschool karate next week and they are thrilled. The are already practicing.

Joseph is starting to out grow his shyness a little. Not completely, but a little. Since he was 2 I have thought that he looks a lot like my brother Clark. I have always believed that Clark could be anything he wants to be. He has greatness within him. I say this because as I have seen Joseph's personality come out I see so much more of my brother. Once they decide on something they are determined, creative and artistict, not to concerned about seeking approval, Once they except and love you they are fully loyal, Pretty layed back most of the time but when angered to boiling watch out. I am sure there are so many differences but it is interesting to see the similarities in these two people who have met maybe once.

Emma is doing so great in school this year. Her reading ability has improved tremendously. She loves anything artisitic. She will do extra school each day just so she can have something to color. Jared hated to color from as early as I can remember so it is refreshing to watch Emma color beautiful pictures for me. She also has decided that she loves to organize. Kind of funny. She is such a happy little girl with few worries. Her biggest worry is that her sister calls her weird. (I'm working on that one)

Emma and Sarah are starting a show choir next week as well. It is similar to the group I was in when I was little called Kids R Music. They even wear similar outfits. White shirts with red skirts.

Sarah is growing up way to fast. She just finished basketball and her time one the championships. She is an aggressive player and helped her team retrieve the ball several times. She has also just started to wear a sports b.r.a. The girl is only in 3rd grade. It is not necessary yet but she is at the beginning stages. She has always been physically older then other kids her age so I guess this was to be expected. I am just not ready for this.

I am going to sign Jared up for Guitar. We are all taking a break from piano for a little while.

Jared also won his championships. He got so into every game and is passionate about basketball. He starts a new session this month. Ryan is trying to be his coach. I think that will be fun for them. Boy bonding. He seems much older the past month. So ready to take on new challenges and to face the world.

So lets sum up my fall schedule.
Monday: school and FHE
Tuesday: School and scouts for Jared
Wednesday: the kids go to school and Josh and Joseph have Karate and then I have Mutual. every other week Sarah has activity days.
Thursday: School and show choir for girls
Friday: Guitar

Sarah wants to take tennis lessons but I don't see how I can fit it in yet.
Plus trying to keep my house clean, fun activities to keep the kids excited about school. Try to give individual attention to each child and fit in somewhere being YW's pres. So as you can see something had to give.

Unfortunately it has been blogging and creativity. But after taking those fun pics of my nephew I realized how much I love to take good pictures. Then making the announcement, it made me feel happy. How I seem less stressed. How my Migraines were gone for the whole weekend. Tuesday school day went so well and we were all happy. Then Wednesday I allowed myself to feel stressed about unexpected news and I had a really bad migraine that I am still fighting. My point? Umm what was my point? oh yeah, simply that I need to take time for me regardless of how stressed my life feels or how much I have going on. Even if that means I just walk outside and take pictures of the flowers. Not much but it sure does make me happy. I stopped walking since the migraines so I bet if I work that back in that will help me also. There is something so healing about walking for me. Maybe it is the quiet time to think while my blood is pumping or simply the joy of doing something that I know is so good for me.

I have also realized how important it is for me to take time to recognize the things in my life that I am grateful for. I have a big poster board on my wall and every time I walk by I write something I am grateful for and sometimes I have to really think and yet other times the words just flow. Oh blogging I have missed you! I thinking writing helps me to work things through that are going around in my head.

Dear fellow bloggers,

I want you to know that I have not forgot you. I often will read your blogs but my spare time has become so few and far between that I never leave comments. I do think of you and hope you are all doing well though. A while back my son made a comment about me always being on the computer and I took it to heart. I very rarely open the computer when they are around. This makes me sad because I am not recording all the wonderful things that happen daily in my life. I will do better then I have. I have not yet figured it out though but at least I am trying.

Sincerely, me

Monday, September 01, 2008

Baby Easton

My Sister in Law let me play with her baby yesterday. These are just a few of my favorites.