Monday, August 31, 2009

A little of this and a little of that.

Tonight we went to Sean and Allie's for a gender party. What is that? They are expecting a baby in Jan. They had their ultrasound today and told the dr to write down what gender the baby is then he sealed it in an envelope. They gave that to a friend and she baked a cake with the appropriate color on the inside. Such a cute idea. It was so fun watching Allie's face as she realized she would be having a girl. I am thrilled because little girl stuff is just so fun to buy and now that I am done I still get to love this sweet little baby.

On the way home Joshua was rather upset that we were leaving. He had calmed down and then stated, "I wish I could watch tv so I could be happy." We all cracked up. Silly boy.

Lindsay, Ryan's sister, is engaged and plans on getting married the Sat after Thanksgiving. I get to make the cake which I am rather excited about. After the last one I realized it really isn't that bad. And this time I plan on doing fake cakes. So if I mess up, no big deal! And I can make them way in advance. Sweet. She is also letting me help with the announcements and the idea she has is super awesome. I do love helping with wedding planning! So fun. By the time my girls get married I should be a pro!

Ryan took me to go see wicked. I loved it! It is the first time he has ever been to a musical that was not done locally and had a family member in it. A "Real" musical as the kids would say. I forgot how much fun musicals are. I have been listening to the music with the kids and we all bust out singing to our hearts content. I do love that the kids love to sing with me. Even Jared will sing away. My life really is great!

I am blogging! Why the sudden change? Because I have discovered Ryan's apple. My computer was on it's last leg and any thing I did took forever! I love technology, but not as much as you you see. I think I need to watch Napoleonic dynamite again. It's been awhile.

I have spent a lot of my free time reading lately and I forgot how much I love it. Before summer started I read an article that helped me to want to give up the tv. SO Ryan and I hardly ever watch tv. A little on the weekends. Its been refreshing. We talk more and read more. Tv just isn't as good as a good book. I finally finished the Harry Potter series. It only took me 9 years. And I am now reading My Three Cups of Tea, The Summer Kitchen, and The Shack. It takes me awhile to get into a book but once I do I don't want to put it down.

Enough randomness for one night.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joseph enters kindergarten

Joseph started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago. He was so excited to get to do school like the other kids until time came to actually sit and do it. He is still trying to learn that he has to do work while Joshua has to play. With that said I am impressed with how fast he has learned his numbers and letters. He told me today that he read a word all by himself. He came up to me with a plastic spoon and showed me the letters. It had the letters 02m on it. He asked, "That kinda looks like it says awesome. Does that say awesome?" The 2 did look like an s.

Joseph only goes to school on Wednesdays and his first day was this week. I was so nervous for him a hardly slept the night before. He is so shy and sometimes he refuses to talk to adults. On the car ride to school he was kinda quiet and I wondered what he was thinking. But as we got out of the car the look on his face was like Christmas morning he was so thrilled. I showed him where to got and waited till it was time for him to follow his first teacher to class. As he walked away I called his name and waved. He smiled big, waved goodbye, then didn't look back. I cried a little then I was proud of him.

When he got home from school he told me all about it and he loved it! He even made a friend named Brandon who eat lunch with him. The next day he let me know that he does not like home school but likes going to school. I will see what I can do to make it more fun for him. Emma told me he even raised his hand and answered questions in class. My little sweetie is growing up.

His sweet serious face. He is thinker and very introspective.
And his smile always makes me smile.
Here he is in Zion going off the zip line. He was not afraid at all and wanted to go again.

The other day he brought these toys outside and started walking down the street. I asked where he was going and he informed me he was taking them to Sean's house so that he had something to play with.

Seriously, This kid is so good looking! How did I get blessed with such beautiful children?

Joshua is 3

Well back on June 12th he turned 3. We had a last minute impromptu birthday party for him. He woke up on his birthday and told me he wanted a party. I called the family who lived up the street and asked if they were available. I bought a pinata and made a quick train cake and he was set. The kids played together outside and junk and Joshua was on top of the world. He got a cool new bike and other toys I can't remember because the party was over 2 months ago. Point is that the party was no stress and he thought it was the best.

My little Joshua has a very strong personality and I don't think it helps that we laugh at him when he is naughty. He has taught us the lovely phrase punk face and other silly names like it. He is very vocal and lets you know when he doesn't like something. He is also very physical. Whenever we are out he feels the need to tap or poke people. I wonder what he is thinking? He bit an old guy in the butt at target. Luckily I stopped him just in time. Haha. I wonder what the old guy would have done.

Josh is 40 inches tall and weighs ? I'll have to weigh him in the morning.
Joshua is the life of the party and loves to laugh. He makes us all laugh often. If you laugh once he will do it over and over again to see if he can keep you laughing. He is so much trouble and yet I wouldn't trade him for the world!

This kid makes the best facial expressions. This is the I'm about to get into trouble face.
This is one of the rare moments when he just has a happy I'm-not-about-to-do-something smiles
I was trying to take a picture of all the kids and he insisted on being a tiger and crawling around. I made the mistake of laughing at him the first time he did it. BUt his face was really funny!
We is this picture just really so cute? I love it.

My baby is about to be much more active.

Jacob is 7 and 1/2 months now. I went shopping with Jacob the other day. He shouldn't have been hungry but as soon as he saw me put baby food in the cart he was rather put out. Cute baby. He is still very calm and well tempered. He also seems to still prefer me which I love!

He sits up really well and can get on his hands and knees. He rocks forward and has moved one hand slightly forward but not much beyond that. I do love that he is not mobile yet. I know he stays where I put him which is nice.

Jacob makes me smile and I feel blessed to have him. He loves to stick his tongue out and spit. He laughs more lately but it is hard to get him to laugh over and over again. The kids still fight over who gets to hold him or feed him. Feeding him is a coveted job which is nice. I can have the kids feed him while I make dinner.

Joshua and Joseph love to come up to him and give him big hugs and kisses. Most the time hetolerates them. He loves when he gets a nice big fist full of hair. The boys do know how to make him laugh and smile. I do love these little people!

He jabbers a lot more. I love the sound of his little voice. Like he wants to be in on the conversation.