Thursday, June 22, 2006

My crazy life

Ryan took the kids this morning to California to try and find a house. I hate not being able to be involved in this process. I have had a lot of the potential landlords send me pictures so that helps me feel more like I am there. I am sure the kids are having a good time at Grandma's. Joseph is with Ryan and when I last talked to them he was having a good time with his dad.

I have been feeling a little star crazy. I opened the blinds in my room today and wondered why I had not done so earlier. It has cheered my room and I love the outdoors. I am so excited to live in California where the weather is almost always nice. And I think it is great that we will move before it hits 120 degrees.

I watched a baby story today and it made me realize how wonderful my dear baby Joshua is. He rarely cries and he sleeps really well. When I put him down he goes right to sleep. He is my first child to take a pacifier so that is nice. I have always had mixed feelings about pacifiers so when my kids didn't take right to them I never pushed the issue. I love that it helps when he is so tired. He takes it and is asleep in minutes with no fuse. I don't like the idea of not being able to find it when he really needs it or having it fall on the ground and not being where you can clean it. I don't want him to have it when he is old enough to talk but how do you get ride of something that helps so much. Who knew binkies could be a topic of such deep thought?

His little face is changing so fast. I just want time to stand still while I devour this moment. I love him so much and feel so much love from this little sleeping boy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our Families Joy!

Joshua Enoch
When we got home from the hospital Joseph had been throwing up all day. He was so sick and yet so excited to hold his new baby brother. I felt so bad for the little guy.
Emma was in awe at her new baby. Later that day when I was nursing him she asked me if he was drinking milk or juice? I love it. Then in the middle of the night she came in to our room and looked over the side of the bassinet. I asked her what she was doing and she proceeded to reach down and say, "I am tucking him in." What a precious moment.
Joseph did not want to let his new baby brother go. He held on so tight. As tight as he could with one hand. With his other hand he was holding the mask on. He didn't want to get his Joshua sick. Joseph keeps coming into our room and just staring at Joshua. He laughs at his little movements and points out his hands on a yawn. What a special relationship the two of then are going to have.
Jared, my responsible little man. As we were walking back to my room to get settled I told him I appreciated all his help while I was at the hospital. And he said in a very matter of fact voice, "I had to, I'm the big brother." Then later he came into my room and lay down next to me. He looked at Joshua and said, "I'm so happy I could cry."
Sarah took on the mommy roll while I was gone. She attached herself to the phone and was so excited to tell everyone the good news. Uncle Trent called and she told him Joshua had been born 1/2 and hour ago when it had really been 4 hours earlier. Aunt hope called and she was told her," My mom went to the hospital last night and the baby is already here!" She also made sure to call Ryan and keep him up to date on all the happenings at home.
Aunt Hope made this for Joshua. I love the colors, the picture doesn't do it justice. She makes quilts all the time but this one is by far my most favorite one!!! You're the best Hope!

Ryan gave Joshua a sponge bath on my bed and Joseph was so excited to watch. He thinks anything involving the baby is great.First sponge bath at home.
Daddy lets Joseph help by putting lotion on Joshua's feet.

Joshua has jaundice and so I was letting him sun bathe in front of the window. This picture turned out so wonderful I think I will use it for his birth announcement.

The kids have been good about entertaining themselves. The got down their closet rods and made flags for their own kingdoms. I love their imaginations.
Just a few more cute pics. He reminds me a lot of Joseph at his stage, except look at all that hair.

Proud daddy. What a cute hubby I have. No wonder we have such cute babies.

One last thing of major importance. The day Joshua was born we sold our house. We have until July 13th to be out of here. It is so exciting that after all this time we get to move back to California.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Baby Joshua enters the world!

just wanted to post a quick update. Joshua Enoch was born June 12th at 1:26 PM. He was 8 lbs 20.5 inches and has beautiful black hair. Once I have a free moment I will write his birth story on my pregnancy jornal. He is so perfect and we could not be happier with our new little bundle. Ryan posted some Pictures of our newest arrival. When you get on the website wait until you see a baby picture then click on it and more picutres will be displayed. I will be journaling more tomorrow. He is such the cute little man.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fathers day fun!

We celebrated fathers day yesterday. I didn't want Ryan to miss out on his special day because we had the baby. I got up early and made him a breakfast burrito. While I was making it the kids used my left over scrap paper and made him some homemade cards. They wrote some really cute things. I was really impressed with their creativity. We then had a slow starting day. Ryan played his new computer game we got him while the kids watched. We then went swimming. The outside pool was all green from the filter breaking so we got to swim indoors. Everyone had a great time. We came home showered and then went to go see Cars. It was sold out until 6:45. We decided to go out to dinner and see the late show even though it would be past the kids bed time. They go to bed around 7. After our early dinner we walked around Lowes looking at stuff we might need if the offer we are waiting to hear back on goes threw. We told them they have until 5 Monday. Will see what happens. Any one reading this wish me luck!

Sarah swimming with the fishes.
Joseph was so funny about his sandwiches. He has been kind of a picky eater lately. So when we went to the pool and he ate 1&1/2 banana's then his sandwich then half of Jareds I was shocked. He is making such a funny face here.
Here is Ryan playing with the boys.
And Little Emma my independent girl.

Friday, June 09, 2006


I am trying to keep more upto date so that I don't get overwhelmed and end up not writing. Wednesday night I went over to my friend Demeree's to help her with a project and I ended up getting the best message ever!. I think I was on her table for almost three hours. Pregnancy can be so exhausting on the body. It was nice to find relief. And Demeree is great at boasting my ego and helping me to just feel great about life.
Then Thursday I had my Dr's appointment. I have been having so many contractions that I was sure she was going to tell me that I was going to be having this baby any day now. First I need to say that I was there for about an hour before she even realized she had a patient left. I guess she thought she was done for the day so she was just talking to the other women in the office. She had just got a call from Labor and Delivery that one of her patients was complete and ready to push. She grabbed her keys and headed for the door when the nurse said, "Laurie? Did you forget about room one?" So she came in for about ten seconds when Labor and delivery called again saying,"The babies coming!" She then ran out in a mad dash. So I was left to sit on the table half dressed while she went and delivered a baby.

After being there an 1&1/2 she comes back. Assuming that she would come right in I sat up and waited. I guess she got a page the second she walked in about something having to do with her flooded basement. So she then sat down and called her daughter then the home owners insurance then another daughter. As she finally hangs up the phone the only other person in the office says,"Remember room one?" And she says, "Oh I totally forgot!" AGHHHH! I was on the verge of tears by this point. The room was so hot I felt like I was going to throw up. I was supposed to be at a meeting that I ended up completely missing because she took so long forgetting I was there. She then comes in and apologizes up and down checks me and I am only dilated a +1 and very thick. So what are her predictions? "You might make it to your due date." I am so done with Dr's visits and pregnancy. I am so anxious to have this little one. I need to find something a new to occupy this coming week or I think I will go mad. Back to the Dr visit... She then thinks that by making small talk with me she is helping the situation. Arrrrr!
Then I get home to find out that the offer on our house we have been waiting to hear back on is way under what we could except. And then today Ryan got a ticket because I have not registered the car. I guess it is all sort of funny when you can step back from the situation, right? So I kind feel all up and down the past few days. I am sure pregnancy hormones are adding to everything. The best part is? It can only go up from here!

So to lighten the mood, here are some fun picture. The kids had there last day of swim lessons and the did so great. Sarah is now a swimmer and can swim totally on her own. Emma will put her face in the water and has no fears. Jared is learning the strokes and is the champion ring diver. My camera died before I got to many pictures. Such a bummer.

This is Jared watching Sarah.
And here is Emma swimming.
I thought the boys looked so nice on Sunday I had to take a pic. I got those pants for Jared at Old Navy for 97Cents. You really can't beat that.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Just some cute pics to share.

Sarah loves the way the perm looks but after the several hours she was not super loving the haircut store.
I love this picture. That tooth missing is just so endearing to me.

So here it is 2:30 in the morning. I have been having contractions for about an hour. I was dreaming that I was contracting and I woke up with an actual contraction. I am not sure if this is the real thing though because they are not lasting very long. I realized that I don't have a clock in my entire house that tells the seconds. The contractions are coming anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes apart. Not consistent yet. Do I go back to bed or get in the shower? I still need to pack my bag if this is for real. I finished eating my late night snack of cereal so I think I will go back and lay down. I guess time will tell.

Ok wait. I just found a clock with seconds on the web. I am going to wait threw a few contractions to see how long they really are and then I will decide what to do.


I wrote that last night. So funny now that it is the next day. Deep in my heart I truly could not believe that I was in labor already. Once I finished the blog entry I started to really keep track of the contractions and I swear the stopped almost right away. I had several more but the were so sporadic and stopped being painful. I would have been so disappointed if I had thought it was real.

I talked to my mom again today and they will let her take off this week on into the first two days of next week or Friday of next week on into the week of the 19th. I don't feel so worried anymore. I will have my mom's help! Yeah!!! There is nothing like a mother in times like these.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Baby excitment

My friends are throwing a baby shower for me tomorrow. I think that is very thoughtful and I am excited to have a girls day. Sarah has a B-day party from 12-2 then I have the shower at 2. Then Sarah has yet another B-day party from 4-6. Both of her parties are pool parties and I think she will have a great day. To make life a little more crazy we have people coming to look at the house for a second showing on Monday at 11. So I need to get the house clean on Saturday among all the running around we have to do. Next week is a crazy one as well considering the kids will continue with there swim lessons and Jared has a 4 day Basketball camp. I was hoping the baby would come next weekend considering all I have to do next week but my Mom was just informed that if I do have the baby next week she will only be able to help one day. So now I am actually hoping Joshua comes late. Who hopes for that???? I thought I was supposed to take life easy the next couple of weeks. I only have two weeks until my due date and for some reason those last few weeks always feel so much longer. I think part of that is just pure excitement at seeing who this little person will be.


We had such a fun time. Just enjoying a girls day out. Four of these girls live on my street. Ricki on the back right lives next door, Julie, Back left lives next to her, Janette, next to Ricki, lives across the street from Julie. Dion, next to Julie, is building a few doors down from Janette. Mandy, Next to me, lives in our same development. My sister Laura, across from me, also came down. Sisters really are the best!
I feel so lucky to have great friends who live so close.

Look at these cute outfits!
More cute outfits and the cutest diaper bag from pottery barn.

This blanket is as soft as a the softest sweater ever. This blanket and the old navy outfits I had seen earlier and wanted for Joshua. I also got a cute handprint kit.
Joseph was helping me put everything away for the baby. He layed out the blankets and kept saying baby over and over again.
He also put all the cute toys in Joshuas bassinet
Sarah had a great time at her parties yesterday.

This pool was awesome. It had a big kiddy area and this huge slide. Sarah kept going down it.