Monday, September 25, 2006

First layer of my mad hater cake.

My latest creation. I had extra fondant left over from the wedding so I made this last night. It was so much fun.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tory's wedding

Some wedding pictures. It was a nice evening and so good to be with
family on this awesome day.

Sarah and Emma with their Aunt KayleeJoseph with cousin Paeton

The couple with Mom and Dad
How cute are they!
Such a cute family.

Cutting my masterpiece. Some people asked me if I was sad to see it cut into it. I actually had great satisfaction seeing this moment.

My first cake

Bloggers picture upload is not working so click here...
The wedding cake
to see pictures of the cake. I think it turned out pretty good. I think fresh flowers really made it. I will update more when blogger is fixed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Milestones and Josephisms

My sweet little Joshua is not so little any more. When he went to the dr's she weighed him in at 17lbs 9 ozs. I am going to have to take him out of the baby car seat soon.

3 Month Milestones
He now laughs when you tickle him.
He pushes up when on his tummy.
He recognizes family members and greets them with full body smiles.
When you are not giving him attention he will coo at you until you look at him then smile real big.
He is "talking" a lot more.
Baby pattern baldness has set in. He has a mohawk of hair.

You can really tell how big he is when he is next to Emma.( she will be 5 in Nov)

He looks so grown up and handsome.

I had so much fun buying costumes for the kids. Joseph was the most picky out of all the kids. So when we found this monkey costume and he liked it we just had to get it. All of the kids thought it was so appropriate since we are always calling him a monkey.

When I looked at this picture it reminded me so much of Clark. I will have to find a picture of him and compare.When we were at the Dr.'s the other day Joseph was coloring. He brought me his paper and he made the sound for "c". I was surprised when I looked on his paper and he had written the letter "c"! He then went "c,c,c,c" And held his body like he was cold and he shivered. Ccccold. Thank you letter factory for teaching my son his letters.

Ryan gave him a blessing the other day. When he was done he came over to me and laid his hands upon my head and said, "Mommy Chapman." He mumbled some other stuff then would mingle it with "Mommy Chapman."

He talks so much now and it is so refreshing to be able to understand what he thinks about. One of his favorite things to say is, "Cute" followed by almost anything. Like shirt, shoes, hair etc. He says it then what's for you to say thank you. He is doing it to be complimentary.

Making cakes is fun to do.

This week has been just crazy. I took my class Tuesday night. Wednesday Orchids had her bridal shower. She is so cute and I truly am anxious to get to know her better. She seems very smitten with Tory and it is so cute to watch young love. Then Thursday I spent all day baking cakes. We also picked out the flowers for the top of the cake and I think it will be so pretty. Friday we started out trying to do the last little bit of school work then we were off to the Dr's. Joshua and I both have thrush. If you have never had that it is not something to be desired. It makes me feel sick to my stomach when I nurse so I can only imagine how bad Joshua must feel. And if that wasn't enough to call my life an adventure Joseph has bronchitis again. I think we caught it soon enough that it won't turn into anything major. Then on Saturday we cleaned up the house then headed back to MIL's to frost the cakes. They did not turn out as good as my practice cake but I am hoping that once we get the ribbon, beads, and flowers on, it won't be that noticeable. It is my first cake.

I was looking at pictures of wedding cakes and I realized how unperfect a lot of them were. I guess that is to be expected. Well, not by me. I am going to practice until I get it down to a T. I think I have found a new passion in cake making. I found all of these pictures and I am determined to make a sample of each of these at some point in the future. When I found out how much wedding cakes cost, $600 for the one I am making tomorrow, I figured I better learn how to do this well because we are going to have a lot of weddings to do in the future.
What I will learn to do...

This swag looks like satin yet it is made out of fondant. It looks like it has dust mixed in with the fondant. I want to try to make that.

These next few are so neat looking. I love the vines and the flowers. I will learn to do something like that.

I wonder how they get that bow to stand up like that?
I am going to figure that out too.

And here is a mad hater cake. I saw this done once on the food network and I have always want to make one.
I think the shape of the cakes is so neat. And I love the idea of having a chocolate wedding cake. Wouldn't this be so pretty if instead of pink it had gold like the next one?
Just another pretty idea for a wedding cake.
And then my favorite. I bet this took a long time to make but
I think the technique is fairly simple.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My learning cake

I took a class last night, beginners fondant. It was so easy. I was afraid it would taste gross but it was actually really good. The place makes there own. The teacher said wiltons is so horrible smelling that she won't even allow it in her class. So, I feel more confident in making this cake now. And this is the one Orchids has chosen.
It will either have pink or green ribbon and only be three tiers. It will also have real flowers.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cake ideas

Here are some samplings I found on the internet. I really don't know what I am going to be able to do well but it's worth a shot.

With how many people there will be we will have a three tier cake. One layer will be chocolate. On the chocolate filling do you want chocolate pudding, chocolate buttercream, or bavarian? Another layer will be white cake with Bavarian cream and maybe a marble for the very top.

Kelly ordered the flowers today. They are making an arrangement to go on the top. She ordered orchids and some greenery that will drape down the sides.

I thought this one was pretty with the ribbons tied around the base of some of the flowers.

The orchids look so pretty on this.

I like the look of this one just because of the way the flowers came down one side.

This is one of my favorites. I love the ribbon on the cake bases and the way the flowers flow down. It is fondant (fondant is the type of frosting) and I have never used that. I am taking a class tomorrow to see if I can use it or not. If I can't do it we could go with regular frosting.

Another one with the ribbon

I loved the pearls. The simplicity is what I loved about this one. Again it has fondant.
The base on this one is similar to the one I was planning on using.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jared and Joshua's Special day

We had such an amazing day on Saturday. Jared was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Joshua was given a special baby blessing. We had so much love and support shown us by family and friends. We were also blessed to have everyone over for dinner. It is amazing to me to watch this 8 year boy enter the waters of baptism. He is such a tender hearted child and I appreciate what he teaches us. He is so smart and knows what is right and strives every day to follow the example of our Savior. He got real mad at me today and his day talked to him about being an example. He then knelt in prayer to repent. When he came over to me his eyes were teary. He said he was sorry and gave me a very heart felt hug. I only hope I can learn what he has to teach me.Jared and Dad right before the program began.

Our Love and support. My Mom and Dad got lost on the way then stuck in traffic. It was hard not having them there but we appreciated that they were there in spirit.
Emma, Sarah, Aunt Kaylee, Cousins Kade, Cobe, and Reeghan. They sang a song called baptism and it was adorable. Cobe and Kade had really practiced. It was great.
Joshua in his blessing outfit. I know it is not all white but boy does he look cute!