Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quick kiddie note

I have never had a child quote movies like Joseph does. He pulls out one liners all the time and it is hilarious once we figure out which movie he is referring to.

Today we went to the Zoo in San Diego. On our way home we stopped at Taco bell to get a taco. He found a little brown booster seat, put it into place and then said he was a hot dog sitting in the bun. We all laughed at that. Then he gets this clever smile on his face and puts his hands up like he is driving a car and says, "I love this car."

I am puzzled and look at the kids to see if anyone can figure out the movie. Jared, who seems to always be able to decipher Joseph, figured it out.

On Christmas Eve we went to the movies as a family. Joshua watched only about 15 minutes before I decided to take home. I got a refund ticket and Ryan and I went back to see it tonight. The very last line of the movie is, "I love this car." When I saw that I laughed out loud. What a funny kid.

Anyone know the movie?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Our trip to the wild animal park

We had such a fun time. It was crowded so we decided to not to stay to long. We did see some of my favorites though.

Here they are looking at the tigers, they were actually out.Seriously, this man is so stinking hot.

In this picture I see the girls in ten years. Oh the things they will think about then? Will is still be dolls and dress up?
I love this picture. Those little boys want to be just like there daddy.

The kids were all very fascinated with the birds. Who knew?
These gorillas fasinated me. The little one went in to were the big one was and just started to tease him. Just like a little kid would to his dad.
Joshua loved when we were able to get really close to the animals.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We made it!

Merry Christmas from the early morning Chapman Christmas crew.

When we asked Joseph what he wanted he said a Shark.
Jared had no idea what he wanted. He got a PS2 and he was shocked. His response was my favorite. I loved watching him absoletuly love what he got.More animals, he could never have to many.

We had such a lovely day. After much turmoil it felt so good to have the day go so smoothly. We had major drama trying to get the girls Christmas presents in time. They did not get here in time, even after having a major break down on the phone with UPS. My MIL was so generous to offer us some presents she had bought for her daughter so that the girls would have something to open. I was able to run to target 10 minutes before they closed and got them each one thing. I had made them these cute tutu's so they had those also. Then yesterday their American Girl dolls came and they were fine. Emma was a little sad but once I told her that the dolls would be here the next day she was better.

Then after a relaxing day we went to my in-laws. We enjoyed visiting and a nice dinner. After wards we had a crazy time while the kids all opened their gifts. We did it by families this year and I liked that. I enjoy visiting with the family. We did a whole homemade christmas for my in-laws and I loved it. I made these for the SIL's. I put them in chunky black frames.

We made a book for my MIL of our favorite christmas memories and some were so tender and some cracked me up. I love this family. All of the different personalities. I am so grateful I married into this circle of complexities and differences. Love and friendship. I do miss my family terrible at this time of year. I am hoping that I will be able to go visit my sister in a few weeks. I didn't even talk to either of my brothers.

Yesterday we took family pictures with Ryans whole family. I am excited to see the pictures turn out. I took some of my own while we were waiting for our turn at pictures. Every time we take picture we get, The whole group, just the grandkids, individuals of the 13 kids, each individual family, the girls with mom, then with day and vise versa. So to try to entertain my kids I took pictures of them and we went on the pier. I put pictures on

We got wild animal park tickets so that is what we are going to do today. We did get tickets to Disneyland for the kids also. The next day that is not blocked out is on the 7th so we will get to do that then. My kids were really spoiled this year. I normally don't spend as much but because I waited till last minute I did not pay close attention. Then the girls got extra gifts due to the UPS non 2-day delivery. I think it ended up being more like 10 days. I was so excited most about my new photoshop book. Photoshop is such a complex program. I work with it a lot but I feel like I don't even use 1/20th of what it offers. Maybe that is an under statement.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What a glorious few days

On thursday while at my piano lesson I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Let me back up. My kids have been having a hard time falling asleep. It is the two older ones. They wake up and still look so tired. So one night Sarah asked if she could listen to Forgotten Carols to fall asleep. (Forgotten carols is a christmas CD about the gifts of Christmas) It is one of my favorites. This seemed to solve the problem. Jared and Sarah leave their doors open so they both can hear it. Sarah was telling our neighbor Carol about how much she loved it so Carol let her borrow the book. She finished it the same day and then read it to Emma.

Every year Micheal McLean, the guy who wrote it, does a traveling show and this year they came to San Diego. My Mother in law had bought tickets for the show for her family. I so wished I had known they were coming and that we had bought tickets. Back to Thursday, my MIL asked the piano teacher if she wanted 3 extra tickets. She was already going but sense she had seen how bad of a day I was having she suggested offering them to me. I think my MIL didn't ask any of the married childeren first because how could she decide who got to go, We all wanted to. So then I had the hard choice of decideing which children to take. Jared didn't think he wanted to go because it was going to be late and he likes to get to bed early. So I told Emma she could go. Later Jared realized he really did want to go and at the last minute one more ticket became available. We all loved it so much. Even Emma sat still the whole time. I went away with an abundance of the true meaning of Christmas. A glorious evening. I don't think My MIL can ever know how much that meant to me.

Today Sarah and I got to sing in church. It was the same song we sung a few weeks ago for the sisters of our church but today it was for everyone. We didn't have the same nervousness. It was as though Father in Heaven said to me, "Have confidence in me. Know that you are doing what I would have you do." I don't think I have ever felt that quiet reassurance before while singing. I felt as if I was delivering his message. All I had to do was open my mouth and he would make sure the message came out just right. I didn't shake, or cry, or feel sick. I truly felt like I was simply His mouth piece. Our voices blended so well. I think it was the best Sarah has ever sung. When I sat down I allowed myself to then feel the spirit of the song and I was filled with love and gratitude.

Earlier tonight I had a grand and humbling realization. When I was young all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a singer and a mom. Nothing moves me more then song and I have always wanted to touch people and help them come closer to God in this fashion. While we sung I looked down and saw tears fill peoples eyes. My hearts deepest desire was granted to me this day. How blessed I am at this Christmas time to be able to share this gift God has granted to me and to be able to share it with my daughter. All I am I owe to Him. I can never repay Him. But tonight I felt my Father smile and except my offering.

I am so grateful for this glorious day.


Some where Joshua acquired this little brown plastic cow. I have no idea where, but it has become his favorite toy (meaning he never puts it down. He eats with it, sleeps with it, takes a bath with it, walks around the house every day with it, takes it in the car with us) Now we have a good idea of how much he likes it. A few weeks ago I had conferences at the kids charter school. I normally do not let him take the "moo cow" out of the car but I figured that since he was going to be in the stroller it would be ok. He got really fussy so I let him play in the yard. Needless to say I forgot about the cow and some child is the new benefactor to that "moo cow." I found him a new one and he loves it just the same. His new thing is to dip it into his drink. I am not sure what the pleasure is but he sure is.Side note, he is such a messy eater. I forget this every morning and get him dressed to get him undressed when he is done eating. Because I have already gotten him dressed once for the day I don't usually get him dressed again until it is time to go somewhere. Yeah I was always one of those moms who laughed when I saw diaper babies and now I always have one... Until this week. I finally figure it out. Take his clothes off before he eats. I know this sounds like a no brainer but for whatever reason it slipped my mind. I did this with the other kids. I always took at least their shirts off. So laugh if you will, I do.

No one will confess...

But it is more than obvious that someone was playing with my camera. I laughed when I saw these.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Excuses, excuses...

...I could list several as to why I ave not posted more but instead I will just begin.
I have so much I want to post. I will just start and try to write more often so that I can get caught up. We have all been sick. Emma had a real high fever and slept most of the day. Then i got sick. What a blessing that I did not get sick until now. With all that I had to do. I stayed in bed for most of the morning on Sunday. When I did get up I found little red bumps all over Joshua. Yep, he has chicken pox. It really doesn't seem to bother him. The major down side for me? I have been in denial that Christmas was coming (waiting for money to come in) So I have hardly bought anything. Now that we have some money I can't go shopping because we are quarantined I am discovering online shopping and priority shipping. One of our presents is due to get here christmas eve. Keep your fingers crossed.

I will get a better pox picture soon. This was the first day. They have spread like wild fire.
Kid note...
I put my hair up today and Joseph got very mad at me. He said, "I don't like your hair cute! Make it not cute!" I had a good laugh.

Monday, December 10, 2007


You can not cook an egg in the microwave.... It will explode!

Merry Christmas to all

We tried to take family pictures on Saturday. It was over cast but it didn't rain all day. We get in the car to where we are getting our pictures taken and a light sprinkle starts. No big deal right? She gets her camera set up and takes a few shoots then the heavens open and it starts to pour. Christy, our photographer, did a great job considering the situation. I think after the Christmas season we will try again.

This is the picture that we took before the rain set it. Aren't we cute? I was so glad we got this one. The funny thing? It stopped raining When we drove away. Really when you think about it, I can't believe we were able to get any pictures?

If you have moved in the past year please Email me your address.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Take a deep breath before you decide to read this one...

I have been a bad blogger. I want to blog. I think of things through out the day I want to document. I have been so busy though. I must say that I love doing all the things that make my life busy but sometimes I forget to stop and take a breath.

Let me try to document some of my craziness.

Last Saturday I had my first official photo session. It was a learning experience and I learned a ton. I was a little disappointed with the pictures but I really do love doing it. It brings me so much joy! Then I had two more sessions on Saturday. It was so cold. The two families were so wonderful and they let me try things I have been wanting to try. It is so fun to get paid doing something I love so very much! The first photos were at the beach were I slipped on some rocks and ate it pretty bad. Surprisingly I was not seriously hurt. Some bruises on my back side but nothing to write home about. The next session was at my favorite little old church and I had so much fun playing with their cute little boy. He is so expressive.

Sunday I had choir practice for church at 9 and then At 10:15 Sarah and I practiced our song we were to sing in church. I got home got ready and then to church. It is so wonderful singing with Sarah. She was nervous. I had my arm around her and I could feel her shaking. That made me a little more nervous, I messed up on which verse we were on and tried to skip the 3rd verse. It was ok though. When Sarah sang at the end all by her self about Jesus once being a little child to, I lost it and had a hard time singing. There were so many wet eyes in the room. She is so amazing. I walked her to her class afterwards. I gave her a big hug and told her how proud I was of her. I reminded her that God has given her this gift and to always remember that. I told her that she has the power to move people and to help them feel the spirit of God. The Holy Ghost bore witness to me of her specialness. It was a wonderful moment for me as her mother. We had to take with some people after church so we didn't get home till 5. Sarah and I had to leave by 5:40 to get our other choir practice. We are sing at the Center for the Arts next week. I am so excited about this. The songs are so hard but so rewarding. I didn't get home till late and then I crashed. I love my husband very much and it was sad for me to have to be away from him when it is usually our time.

Monday I was fixing pictures from my Saturday shots and getting caught up on school work with the kids. That afternoon I took pictures for my SIL. They turned out so cute. I will post them after christmas as they will be her christmas presents to family. Then I came home and made a quick dinner for the family. After the kids were all in bed I went to practice a song I am singing tomorrow night at our churches ladies night out. I had a blast though. These girls are so fun. So I ended up not getting home till after 10, again with the no seeing the hubby.

Today I had a blast making tutu's for the girls for christmas. It is a no sew project and very easy but it did take all day. I first went to visit a lady from church and then I tried to sew a shirt for Emma simply because I wanted to learn how. Then I headed over to Sarah's house. While I was there I got a call from Emma saying that she was sick and I needed to pick her up from school. She was not sick by the time I got her but she still wanted to come home. We ended up eating at Sarah's, Thank you Sarah! Side note: I feel so blessed to live were I do. We are so close to my amazingly wonderful in-laws, I go to church with awesome people who I already adore, the weather is great. I was amazed the other morning that it dropped below 50. I feel so much support and so much love. Could it get any better then this?
I got home and took care of my scouts stuff for tomorrow. I should be touching up photos but I had to take a minute for me. Ryan has young mens tonight, maybe tomorrow we will see each other.

Normally things are not so busy, busy yes, but this is more then normal. I think writing this all down has helped me to see why I feel a little extra bit of tiredness. Really though, I wouldn't change any of it.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Mom's birthday is today. This is the sweetest mom a daughter could ask for. Growing up she was always there for me to talk to. I remember sitting in her room talking to her about everything, crying when I was hurt by a friend or boy, or just excited about some little girl fantasy. She helped me believe I could do anything. My parents would come to every one of my swim meets for 9 nine years. It took almost the whole Saturday and they never acted like it was a bother. I always knew my mother thought the world of me and that threw her eyes I was the best. I only hope that I can give my children this same kind of love. The kind only a loving mother can offer. I am so excited for when Laura and I get to go visit them in France. I love this women! Hope you have a great day Mom!