Monday, November 14, 2011

Smarty pants

Just got back from meeting with Joseph and EmmaLees teachers. Wow. I am so impressed with my children. Neither Ryan nor I were great students. Mostly for lack of trying on both our parts. But my kids all excel and they literally wow me.

Joseph got the highest grade is his class on the state math test. He was the only one to get 100%. His teacher kept saying how wonderful he was. He works hard and gets along well with all the kids.

EmmaLees teacher could not say enough about how helpful and kind she is. EmmaLee works hard and really enjoys school and her teacher. She even feels Emma should be placed in gate.

I know I shouldn't boast but I feel very proud of my little smarties. Mostly I feel humbled. I don't know why I was blessed with such smart kids. I feel they have so much to teach me and for that I am grateful to be their mother. I hope I can do them justice.

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Diann R. said...

You have done amazing things for your awesome kids! I'm sure their smartness has a lot to do with what you have done with them at a young age. Congrats on having some awesome little smarty pants and I think you should be allowed to brag about them sometimes anyway. =)